Bye bye annoying BLACKHEADS! 🙌 by Bye bye annoying BLACKHEADS! 🙌I know this looks disgusting and your like 'ew I don't have blackheads' but trust me you will have them at some point in your life. Here's how to get rid of them 👉What you'll need: •a facecloth with as warm water at you can get • PVA Glue ( washable ) Instructions: •Get your wet facecloth and hold it over the targeted area for about 20 seconds/ till the heat come out ~ this will open your pores. •Get some of your PVA glue and apply a thin coat of it to your targeted area, enough that the glue is clear •Eventually you will feel the glue set •When this happens, gently peel of the glue •Your targeted area should look a lot better - Don't be worried if your targeted area is red, this is normal and will fade fairly quickly -I have used this a couple of times and can definitely see the improvement 👌👊