Butterfly's Detox Tea. Best Way How To Make Detox Water Tasty

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  • I know I HATE plain water and I don't much care for the lemon detox water was waaaay to bitter for me and made me feel sick :/ here's a way I found to get myself drinking more water and cutting sodas and sugar to almost nothing!(:

    Hope you guys like it too💜

  • Butterfly's Tea Detox (:

    Cut up about 2 cups of strawberries and lemons place in water to boil down fruit. Add a small hint of mandarin juice or orange.

    Once fruit is boiled down add water in a pitcher let sit in fridge for a day til it turns a dark pink.

    Take 2 8 oz bottles of tea (mio blend) and 2 8 oz lemonade (mio blend) add to pitcher for mixing add jn fruit from other day detox mixture. Add sliced limes and stir. Bottle up and enjoy over day(:

  • And there you go. Butterfly's detox tea. No sugar. No calories so your not cheating your diet. Just fruit water and some flavorings(:

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  • There is no cheating in dieting just hard work and discipline (:


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