Best Way To Enjoy A New City While Visiting :)

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  • When visiting a new city for the first time, try to avoid the tourist hot places. Look for the part of the cities where the residents tend to be around more! I discovered amazing restaurants and bookstores when I turned away from the "tourist trap" places while visiting a small town!

  • Try the small family restaurant of the place, you will most likely be able to taste amazing food, not so expensive and have a great experience on the new city.

  • Don't forget to visit the city's bookstore! I tend to like them more than the big companies like Barnes and Noble! Probably for its vibe and the person behind the cashier always seems to be sweet, especially when it is an old person behind it :)

  • I just came back from a trip and realize the difference when I stayed away from places full with tourists! This is my first time writing a tip, so I hope you will find it interesting 😊


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