Best Thing To Do For Healthy Looking Beautiful Hair!!!!! Best Tip Ever

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  • The best tip I have ever known for your hair to look beautiful and smooth and shiny and healthy. I always get compliments on how healthy my hair looks and I even dye my hair a lot and use hair products and heat on it too.
    Best tip is to only wash your hair once a week or I even heard once ever 2 weeks. Yes I know that sounds gross but your really not suppose to wash your hair everyday. But for me I wash it once a week. And the results are stunning! My hair feels healthy, I have my natural shine and my hair feels light and not heavy.. Just when your in the shower don't wash your hair everyday.

  • I only use organix hair shampoo and conditioner and I love it. It smells great and last longer and you don't need to use much of the products. Just the size or a quarter for shampoo or even a nickel and same with the conditioner.

  • I hope you enjoy.


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