💏Best Sex Positions💑(18+) by 💋Jasmine 💋 - Musely
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💏Best Sex Positions💑(18+)

posted in Relationships
  • Hip Raised Plank Sex Position

    Everyone knows that sex is good exercise, but this sex position takes it to a new level. It requires you to have the strength to do a plank over her, and the strength for her to support you, but the deep penetration this position achieves is worth it.

    Best for: Giving you both a core workout.

    Level: Difficult - requires strength from both of you.

  • Leapfrog Sex Position

    The chair you choose for this sex position will need to take both your weight and hers, so make sure it's sturdy. Push it against the bed for extra stability. This movement actually allows both of ou some control in movement, which is good because adjusting the angle while keeping your balance is tricky! Ask her to arch her back and stick her bottom out to make penetration easier.

    Best for: Testing your balance.

    Level: Difficult - requires good balence on your part!

  • Dancer Sex Position

    This sex position allows you the same level of intimacy as the missionary position, with more freedom to move. Look into her eyes or try kissing her neck to increase the intimacy. Height differences can make getting the right angle different. Try getting her to stand on something, or try it with her against the wall for more support.

    Best for: Intimacy while standing.

    Level: Medium - it can take some working to get the angle right.

  • Table Lotus Sex Position

    You can try this sex position on a table, but if you think eating and sex don't belong on the same dining table you can try it on any surface that's a similar height - the bed, a desk or the edge of a couch will all work. She can either sit up slightly, using her arms as support, or she can lie down flat. Either way, you are in control for this one, and how deep you go is up to you.

    Best for: Control and deep penetration.

    Level: Medium - requires some flexibility from her.

  • Vertical Doggy Sex Position

    Doggy style with a difference - this sex position uses a chair to have her in a more vertical position that allows for more intimacy than the usual doggy position. Lean the chair against the bed or a wall for more stability, and make sure it's plush so she won't get sore knees.

    Best for: Adding a little intimacy to doggy style.

    Level: Easy - just make sure you have a sturdy chair.

  • Standing Ovation Sex Position

    This standing sex position gives you easy access to every part of her body. It's a great one for the shower - just watch that the hot water doesn't run out half way through! If you are much taller than her, get her to stand on something to raise her up, or if you live in a multi-storied house, try this position while on the staircase.

    Best for: Touching her.

    Level: Easy - but you may have to make some adjustments for height differences.

  • Flying Circus Sex Position

    If you've got the upper body strength of a super hero, then this sex position will make her feel like she's flying. If you're strength isn't quite there, this position can be altered into a wheelbarrow position - just get her to place her hands on the ground in front of her to support some of her weight.

    Best for: A flying sensation for her.

    Level: Difficult - requires upper body strength and balance.

  • Missionary Sex Position

    Just because the missionary position is commonly used, doesn't mean it's boring! The missionary sex position is one of the best positions for intimacy, and it simple enough for even the least flexible to try. In the standard position you're completely in control of the movements, but if you encourage her to wrap her legs around your waist to alter the position slightly, you can share the control. For added depth, try place a pillow under her bottom to raise her up.

    Best for: Intimacy.

    Level: Easy.

  • Acrobat Sex Position

    She's in control, so you can just lie back and enjoy! If she lies back as far as she can, the position becomes more intimate and gives you access to her breasts. Let her try different movements until you find the one that suits you both.

    Best for: Her in control.

    Level: Medium - it can take a little experimenting for her to get the perfect motion.

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