Benefits of Bamboo Vinegar Soap! by Chelsey Malone - Musely
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Benefits of Bamboo Vinegar Soap!

posted in Skin & Body
  • Bamboo Vinegar Soap for Unclogging Your Pores
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    Bamboo Vinegar Soap is specially formulated with all natural ingredients and derived from the bamboo plant. This soap has beneficial properties for people with oily or problematic skin and is nothing like normal vinegar. Instead, bamboo vinegar has a natural, smoky scent. Many people with acne, eczema, and psoriasis have been drawn to this soap as it can unclog pores to draw out toxins that your skin has absorbed from the environment. It's rich & silky lather is great for softer, smoother skin. Try it today and we're sure your skin will thank you for it!

    Benefits of Bamboo Vinegar Soap:

    Softens Skin
    Relieves Itchyness
    Natural Deodorizer
    Draws Out Harmful Toxins
    Plant Based Ingredients
    Rich Lather
    For All Skin Types
    Fragrance Free
    No Harmful Chemicals | No Added Colors | No Animal Testing

    Why is it called Bamboo Vinegar?

    It's called bamboo vinegar mainly because it is considered a pyrolegnic acid that contains up to 400 organic compounds, which allows it to draw and remove waste from your skin. It's not the same as normal vinegar as Bamboo Vinegar is produced through the natural act of carbonization, which occurs when bamboo is heated in an airless container during a bamboo charcoal firing process. The vapors that come from this become condensed and cooled down to produce the bamboo vinegar.

    Does it smell like vinegar?

    No, unlike normal vinegar, Bamboo Vinegar has a smoky scent rather than tangy scent that's found in normal vinegar in household cleaning products.
  • Bamboo Vinegar Soap is made from all natural ingredients and derived from the bamboo plant. This soap has been known to help those with oily skin and unlike regular vinegar, bamboo vinegar has a natural, smoky scent. This product can also benefit those with acne, eczema, and psoriasis prone skin. What this product does is it pulls out any dirt or toxins stuck in your pores without drying out your skin. It's rich & silky lather is great for softer, smoother skin.

  • The ingredients in this product are vegetable oil, glycerin, bamboo vinegar and water!

    This product is NOT animal tested, which I think is wonderful. 

    A few benefits this amazing products has are super soft skin, relieves any itchiness from acne or eczema. It takes out any dirt clogged in your pores and it is also hypoallergenic. It's fragrance free and good for all skin types!

    I love what this product has to offer and I think the pricing is SO reasonable. Give this product a try and I know you will LOVE it!


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