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Beauty Tips Every Girl Should Know Aboht

posted in Beauty
  • 1. Always clean your makeup brushes! Just a squirt of soap and a washcloth can go a long ways. Old makeup brushes store bacteria and can cause pimples, blackheads, etc.
    2. Olive oil can be used in many ways, such as; eyebrow growth. Hair growth and shine. Simply rub a little olive oil on your eyebrows every night before bed and wash off in the morning. Make your own homemade olive oil mask, use on damp hair so it activates the oil better. Let it sit for 2 hours, then wash out with shampoo. Don't use conditioner.

  • 3. Eat lots of yogurt, fruits and veggies for good looking skin and also keeps your private parts cleaned out.
    4. Lemon water! So good for your body, it's like a cleanse. Substitute your soda and coffee with lemon water, it will shrink your tummy bloat and give you natural energy.
    5. Use concealer on your eyelids before applying eyeshadow for a lasting creamy look.
    6. Always make sure that your lipstick and lipstick are close to the same color. (I personally like my lipstick one shade lighter then my lipliner.)
    7. Don't over pluck your eyebrows. Seriously, let them breathe for a week or two.

  • 8. Apply Vaseline onto lips before bed every night to have smooth, and non cracked lips the next day.
    9. Take a toothbrush and run it under warm water. Gently scrub your lips to exfoliate them and plump them up before getting ready for the day. Make sure to use a CLEAN toothbrush, not the same one you use on your teeth. (Did that once and had a major pimple right next to my lip, yuck.)
    10. Use toothpaste on pimples, and avoid popping it as much as you can. Keep your hands away from it because your hands have oil and dirt that will make the pimple spread, or worse.

  • 11. Use Vaseline instead of harsh makeup removers on your eyes. All of those chemicals aren't good for your skin. Use a cotton ball or makeup wipe and gently push the cotton ball down the eye.
    12. To restore dried out nail polish, pour a little nail polish remover into the nail polish and shake.
    13. Find a good leave in conditioner for all day shine. I recommend anything by Loreal, (if you have colored hair, there's a pink bottle of hair protectant leave in conditioner and it feels amazing, and smells good!)

  • Please like/save! I use all of these tips everyday and have my own beauty routine. πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜„


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