Beauty Hacks Everyone Girl Should Know by Beauty Hacks Everyone Girl Should KnowVaseline is great for a lot of beauty reasons. •its a great moisturizer for your nails •rub it on your skin and lips before bed •put is on your eyelashes instead of Mascara it will have the same affect but it Won't look clumpy. Spray your perfume in your elbows, knees, Behind your ears, on your wrists, and on your neck/chest. If you are busy and have to be somewhere but just painted your nails, put the nails in a bowl of ice water. It will dry them on time. Put white or a cream colored eyeshadow in the corners of your eyes to make them pop. Tie a tea bag in your hair to make your hair smell good. Put glue around your nails before you paint your nails. When your done you can just Peel the glue off and the glue caught any Nail polish that would have been the the Skin. Easy clean up!