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Basic self defence for any level of strength

posted in Health & Fitness
  • So you don't carry a tazer or pepper spray or a hockey stick :0 But you do carry your fingers and elbows and feet and toes, etc etc you get the drift. So I do 2 very different types of self defence and I think a few tips mixed from both forms should be shared with the general public.

  • You're tiny and don't think you can take on a big muscley guy? No problem, that' s me too! But just because their arms are ten times your ones doesn't mean the targeted areas are less sensitive. Take for example the eyes, you poke someone in the eyes it's gonna hurt no matter what so let's start.

    Person running towards you:
    1) Put your hands out in front of you.
    2) Make sure your palms land on the attackers jawline by the chin.
    3) Stick you thumbs into their eyes and push them inwards - disgusting I know but it works
    4) While poking their eyes knee them in the groin
    5) Run

  • Attacked from behind? and your hands are free:

    1) If their head can be hit with the back of yours do it.
    2) If not ball you fists and use the bones of your fingers balled up to rub the back of their hand.
    3) You're rubbing in between the long skinny bones and you're going to kinda dig in and do it hard and as quickly as possible.
    4) Pinch the thin skin and quickly shove the hands away, turn as fast as possible, kick the groin.
    5) Always try and punch them in the nose/neck too before running to ensure more damage.

  • A person grabs you around the neck?
    1) Dig you fingers into their hand and pull their hand down as much as you can.
    2) Try and hit them with your head (it is important their hand isnt around your neck for this reason)
    3) Lean forward, raise your leg and kick as hard as possible towards the attackers knee.

    Another option.
    1) Dig fingers into their hand and lean forward. Use one hand to raise your elbow into the other person's face.
    2) Keep the elbow close to your body while moving up because their head is most probably behind yours. If they're tall you should hit their neck which is bad too

  • 3) After elbowing them do the kick. Knee them in the groin, throw a punch and run.
    4) Do put as much force and power as possible into these to make them effective :)

    I'm not a fan of violence but I'd totally poke a few eyes if they I was threatened.
    Oh and always stand with your left foot a bit ahead of your right with your knees slightly bent. This is to ensure you're ready to move. It also allows you to quickly bring up your right leg for a kick and allows extra stability. if someone ran at you and shoved you while you had this stance you would be less likely to fall over.
    Keep fists

  • balled and one hand in front of your face and the other at chest level.


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