Bad habbits for nails.

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  • 1. Biting
    Biting obviously makes hands unsightly in the short run, but it can also have longer-term effects, “If you bite your nails, over time they will be become deformed with bumps and ridges.

  • 2. Picking at your polish 
    This habit can remove the actual top layer of your nail bed, which sets the stage for weakened nails.

  • 3. Attacking your cuticles
    The habit leaves your cuticles looking ragged and dry and also leaves you vulnerable to infection.

  • 4. Gel addiction
    Removing gels weakens the nail bed as it’s most sensitive when wet.
    Although gels last for a long time, taking them off can be murder on your nails. 

  • 5. Wearing polish for weeks
    When you remove nail polish that’s been left on too long, you’ll often see white spots, which means your nails are too dry.

  • 6. Using your nails as tools 
    Peeling off labels, scraping off gunk, unfastening a key ring ... We’ve all been there! can break your nails.


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