Back To School Helpful Tips Freshman Year by Back To School Helpful Tips Freshman YearDo you want to start a new and great school year. If you where that kid last year that was picked on and didn't fit in or you just want to start new this year. I got your back just look at a few tips that I have created to help you.First start with the weight. We all want that perfect body and the perfect weight. So start with your current weight. Find out how much you weight right now. Then find out how much you want to lose.(lbs) Then find out your tie limit. The best part is that I found some ways you can lose weight without exercising. And if you want to push yourself I also found another way you can lose wight with exercise.The Dr. OZ lose weight without exercise is with the grapefruit but I recommend doing it with orange since I don't like grapefruit that much. I drank this everyday for two weeks and I lost 20 pounds.This tredmill workout is to help you push yourself if you think that the lazy way feels to easy or unreal. I get it but this helps too. And I hope you reach your goal and you are happy for your results.Next is to have that clean and glowing skin, body and face. I found some great remedies that helped me and my family with our acne. So I hope this helps you too.A while ago my mom bought me this Clean and Clear package for day and night. And it has helped out very much with the acne on my face. The day one gives you a nice freshness on your skin and it has the morning beads that gives you a nice sent. For the night one it is not as refreshing as the morning one so it doesn't keep you up at night and it get rids of the oil build up on your skin during the day. Hope this helps.For the body acne I will give you some tips to get rid of the acne, bumps on your arm, ingrown hair etc. And I hope this helps very much for that first day of school.I tablespoon Honey I tablespoon sugar Repeat twice a weekHoney and sugar is one of the remedies that I found that will get rid of back acne or there is others that I found if that remedy did not work out for you.Apple cider vinegar is also one of the remedies to get rid of back acne. Put the vinegar on you back and put some parts of water and should be repeated twice a day and after a week has passed do 50/50 of water and vinegar. There are many more that I try to put in this tip or on other tips I promise.If you have small bumps on your arm like I do then you are on the right page with me to get rid of them, right. So I found this remedy to get rid of these embarrasing bumps. What you want to do is get some baking soda and some water. Can get about a tablespoon of baking soda and a half a tablespoon of water and mix for a thin paste and just rub it in circular motion and leave it on for 30 minutes and rinse of with cold water. You can do this on the back of your legs to because this also gets rid of ingrown hair.Get rid of the unwanted hair that you don't want like on your face, legs, arms or anywhere else just go for it and get rid of the embarrasment of unwanted hair. (Sorry if I am spelling things wrong)Get a hair cut or trim two weeks before the school starts so you know how and what to do with your hair. So on the first day of school you know how to handle it without a hassel.Find your fashion sense. Look around your town to see what you like and admire. Your fashion that makes you feel confident and beautiful. Don't go for the popular fashion that everyone is going to wear at school bring your own fashion into the world. And no matter what I think you guys would look beautiful in anything you put your mind to. : )Ok before school starts there is going to be a day for you to get your schedule. Make sure that you are dressed nicely for your id picture. And see if you can find your friends so you can see each others schedule. and match up.Ok, the school bell has rang it is time to start school but make sure you go to freshman orientation first so you know your way around the school and go with your friends of course so you won't be alone.That is all I have of tips that I know of for you to get ready for the first day of school and I will still post more because I think I forgot a few. But I hope it works out for everyone that reads it.