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Awesome Body Control And Ab Work Out!!💪

posted in Health & Fitness
  • You ready? This exercise will give you a variation of control over your body which is great for the following:

    Sports 🏂⚾️⚽️
    Beautiful body 💪
    And more 💃🙌👋

    And you will also receive abs! Which, who doesn't love those?!

    Slide on through and let's get started!


  • What will you need?

    Yoga mat
    Pillow or exercise block,Whatever you have handy
    And water

    The yoga mat is used to make it more comfy on you're wrist! The weight of you body can't rally lead to pain.

    Pillow or exercise block is used for beginners. How funny it sounds it does happen and it's better safe than sorry. Use the pillow or exercise block under your head just incase your arms give out you don't hit your head hard. If you feel that you don't need it try it atleast once to be safe!

    Water! Keep yourself hydrated ☺️

  • Before you start make sure to stretch your wrist the best you can!

    Tips on stretching wrist!

    DO NOT apply pressure!
    It shouldn't hurt if it does, your doing it wrong!

    Slide over and keep how to stretch your wrist!

  • Let's do it!💪💪💪


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