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  • In rise of the guardians, jack's little sister, who jack died trying to save, grew up to marry the king if Arendelle.

    The moon told her that her first child would have ice powers in honour of jack, who she thought was dead.

    This is how Elsa got her powers.


  • The king of Arendelle and the king from tangled ( rapunzel's father) are brothers making rapunzel Ana and Elsa's cousin

  • It was on their way to rapunzel's wedding that the king and queens ship got shipwrecked


  • And that is why Eugene and Rapunzel went to Elsa's coronation


  • It was their shipwreck that Ariel sees in the beginning of the Little mermaid


  • But Ana and Elsa's parents didn't die, they washed up on a island and gave birth to named Tarzan. They were later killed by a wildcat.

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