Amazing Health Benefits Of Nutmeg by Amazing Health Benefits Of Nutmeg Good for your brain Nutmeg has been used since ancient times by the Greek and Romans to stimulate brain and improve its functioning. A wonderful stress buster, it is also known to ward off fatigue and uplift your mood. It also improves your focus and concentration, enhancing your efficiency and effectiveness. Effective analgesic Chinese medicine uses nutmeg as an effective solution for abdominal pain and aching joints. It is also effective in alleviating the pain and inflammation experienced due to soreness, arthritis, and other joint injuries. Just apply the oil of nutmeg on affected area and feel the difference. For a good night’s sleep Nutmeg helps you de-stress and relax. It is also known to possess a subtle tranquilizing and sedating effect. And, the combined benefit – you are endowed with a good night’s sleep. Natural remedy for digestive system disorders Suffering from constipation, bloating, or diarrhea? Just apply a little nutmeg on your abdomen and massage gently in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions and you will be at ease. It eliminates the gas, if any, trapped in the intestines and thus offer relief. You can also use nutmeg torevamp your appetite levels. Good for your oral health Packed with antibacterial properties, this spice makes as an effective home remedy for bad breath. A nutmeg oil infused gargle eliminates these bacteria and freshen up your breath. The anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties of nutmeg enables it to be used as an effective cure for tooth aches and gum disorders. Good for kidney and liver health Nutmeg is a wonderful and powerful detoxification agent. It is also known to eliminate the toxins that get accumulated in the kidney. Plus, it is a natural tonic for both, thus enabling these vital organs to function in a better way. You can also look to this spice for aiding you in eliminating the kidney stones. Nutmeg as an aphrodisiac While is a dearth of scientific evidences that support the use of nutmeg as an aphrodisiac, it has been widely used for the same. Some people suggest that the relaxation induced by this spice is known to boost circulation levels, pep up you mood, and help you perform better in bed. Eases menstrual cramps The anti-inflammatory nature of nutmeg eases the cramps and promotes circulation levels. It is also known to possess analgesic properties that actually helps in easing the pain experienced during menstruation. Home remedy for respiratory tract infections You can just apply a little nutmeg oil on your chest to decongest the congested chest. Drinking nutmeg tea is also known to be effective in easing the fever and unclog the clogged nostrils and sinuses.