Amazing Drying Top Coat ! Must Buy ❤️❤️ by Amazing Drying Top Coat ! Must Buy ❤️❤️Sally Hansen insta-dri top coat My mom found this nail polish on I believe Amazon and she bought one to try it out . I have a tendency to mess up my nails at least 5-10 mins after I have painted them and my mom wanted to find something to help me dry them faster . I never liked using a blow dryer or anything so she found this and we tried it out .We absolutely LOVE it !!! ❤️❤️ it honestly dries your nails in about a solid 7-10 mins and it gives them this really nice shine like a top coat should . I would definitely recommend you buy this . My mom has bought about 5 of them already lol because it is all we use now 😁As you can see it gives my nails a ton of shine and it helps a lot for people who are impatient like myself . I hope you guys found this useful and if you ever try it , let me know if you liked it . Thanks 💚😁