AVOID PREGNANCY STRETCH MARKS!! by AVOID PREGNANCY STRETCH MARKS!!I was told this by a VERY SMART physician, while pregnant: 1. DO NOT use any soaps on your belly. Washing off the soaps/shampoo from the rest of your body is already drying enough. 2. 3x a week (VERY GENTLY) scrub your belly in the shower with Lavender Oil/Salt Scrub found at Trader Joes.Apply a fairly generous amount of "Mother's Special Blend" to your belly after bathing, morning & before bed. It can be found at most health food stores or ordered online. THIS STUFF IS A MIRACLE! Because of health complications, I was the size of a mother carrying twins. This saved me completely!Consume lots of Vitamin C (4-8 of these a day) It boosts elasticity so your skin can bounce back & also prevents stretch marks from the inside out. You technically can't take too much Vitamin C, your body rids itself of excess Vitamin C through urination. Costco has a two-pack of these the cheapest.