8 Ways To Soften Brown Sugar by Nisha 🌞 Sebastian - Musely
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8 Ways To Soften Brown Sugar

posted in Food & Drink
  • 8 Ways to Soften Brown Sugar
    If you’ve ever done any baking at all then your probably come across rock hard brown sugar. We’ve come up with a list of tips about how to soften brown sugar. They are all simple, frugal, prevent food waste and of course, will save you a trip to the grocery store! All of these ideas to soften brown sugar work well and some of them work in just a few seconds!

    Always store your brown sugar in an airtight container. Some people say store it in the refrigerator or freezer but the best way to make sure you don’t have to soften brown sugar is to keep it airtight in the

  • first place.

    If it does dry out, here are some long term ways to soften brown sugar:
    Microwave the brown sugar for 15-20 seconds. If this doesn’t work place a glass of water in with it and microwave again for 20 seconds. Then you should have softened brown sugar.
    Place it in a 250 degree oven on a cookie sheet. Set a pan of water in the oven with it. Then bake until you soften the brown sugar. Check frequently as it will melt if you let it bake too long.

    Place the brown sugar in a blender and pulse until chopped.

    Place it in a plastic bag and hammer it into pieces.

  • Place a piece of bread in the bag with your brown sugar and seal.

    Place a moist paper towel in with the brown sugar to help soften the brown sugar. Leave for several hours.

    Place a few apple slices in with the brown sugar and seal. In the morning your should have softened brown sugar. Take out the apples after it’s soft.

    Moisten a piece of clean terracotta clay, let it drip dry and place the piece in the bag to soften brown sugar.
    You can also store a piece of terracotta in with the brown sugar to keep it soft.


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