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❤️💘7 Obvious Signs Your Significant Other is Cheating💋💍

posted in Relationships
  • 1. Private Phone Calls

    The best way to get hard evidence of a cheating partner is to use a simple reverse phone lookup. The one I used, and highly recommend you use, is only $1 and gives you access to everyone they’ve been talking to! It’s like having their text logs!

  • 2. Social Media

    Cheaters tend to be protective of their social media profiles and cell phones. While there’s a small chance they will screw up bad enough to make it obvious to you that they’re seeing other people, they don’t always have control over the people they’re seeing. Increased likes, tweets and comments from a person they may be seeing can be unavoidable. Make sure to keep tabs on their social outlets from every once in awhile to see who they connect with and where they’ve been.

  • 3. Online Dating Sites

    Cheaters tend to venture outside their social circle in order to find other partners. If you met your partner on a dating site, there’s a good chance they still keep active profiles somewhere. Here’s a few of the most popular free sites out right now. Simply sign up for free and search for your significant others name. In case your partner is using a false name, make sure to search by geo and age.


  • 4. Distant

    Is your significant other taking longer and longer to respond to your texts? Having trouble getting them to look you in the eyes when you talk or talk to you at all? If they seem to putting you on hold there’s a good chance they’re giving their attention to someone else behind the scenes. People need affection to survive.

    Isn’t that the reason you got into a relationship in the first place? If you feel like you’re no longer in a wholesome loving relationship, question whether or not your partner feels the same.

  • 5. Bad Sex

    This is a no brainer. Everyone needs sex in a relationship. If they’re not getting it from you, they’re getting it from somewhere else. If you notice your partner isn’t coming on as strong/at all there’s a problem. Also keep track of the manner in which you interact with them in the bedroom.

    Passionless emotionless sex is as bad as not having sex at all. These emotions can be hard to fake, make sure you pay attention to every little detail.

  • 6. Paranoid

    If your significant other is seeing someone else, there’s a good chance you’ll see a difference in the way they handle their cell phone. Here are a few signs:

    - Password Protected / Frequently Changing Password
    – Deleted Text Messages
    – Cleared Browser History
    – Late Night “Work” Phone calls
    – Increased/Decreased Cell Phone Usage
    – Leaves The Room To Take A Call
    – Always Take It With Them
    – Secondary Cell Phone – One You Don’t Know About

  • 7. Check Their Credit Card Statement

    A cheater’s credit card statements may start to show purchases on things like restaurants, hotels, clothing stores, and random ATM cash withdrawals. Cheaters probably will not receive their credit card statements by mail, but online. If you can get access to the statements, the most obvious charges would be restaurants and clothing stores that your significant other would NOT shop at normally.


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