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6 Shampoo Secrets For Amazing Hair

posted in Beauty > Hair
  • It’s not just the shampoo you use (even if it is infused with caviar, gold flecks, or pearl dust from the deep sea)—it’s the way you use it that can make or break the health of your hair, say hair experts. Rethink your hair washing ritual with these pro-approved techniques.

    #1 Brush up
    “Run a flat brush through your hair prior to shampooing to get rid of any loose strands that could otherwise knot up while you wash. Start with the ends and then work your way up to the roots.”

  • #2 Typecast your suds
    “Always use a shampoo that best suites your hair type. If you have fine, limp hair use a volumizing shampoo to lift off excess scalp oil and add tons of body. If you have normal to dry a general cleansing shampoo will clean the scalp and leave your strands with bounce. And, if you have curly, coarse hair opt for a moisturizing shampoo.”

  • #3 Don't go overboard
    "Gradually cut back on how often you shampoo—especially if you have chemically processed hair—until you are down to cleansing one to two times a week. The scalp will be more regulated, producing the correct amount of sebaceous oil that will boost shine and help with color retention.”

  • #4 Be gentle
    "Hair doesn't come with special washing instructions, so play it safe by treating your hair with the kind of care you would your cashmere sweater or silk blouse. It always helps to emulsify shampoo in your hands first so that you can evenly (and gently!) distribute it throughout your hair."

  • #5 Go head first
    “The process should start with the concentration of the cleanser at the scalp, where the focus should be to remove excess oil using circular motions with your fingertips, allowing the shampoo to filter through the ends rather than massaging through the ends.”

    #6 Don't dilly-dally
    “When shampooing, there’s no need to let it sit on your hair. Once you suds up, you’re good to rinse. If you don’t see suds when shampooing, this means that your scalp isn’t clean, shampoo again until you see suds.”


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