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5 Ways To Help You Clean Your Bedroom

posted in Home & Garden > Decor
  • 1. Open Up!
    Open your windows, and turn on your lights! This will help you feel refreshed and more excited to start cleaning. Maybe play some music to get motivated!

  • 2. The Floor

    Your floor should be a clean space in your room, so you can move around and have fun! ( Those secret dance parties that you have by yourself )
    Take everything on your bedroom floor and put it in a pile, once you have done that go through it and put it in its CORRECT place!
    ( Having a spot for all of your stuff is helpful. NO MORE LOST THINGS! )
    Pick up the garbage and anything that doesn't belong on the floor.

  • 3. Shelves and Surfaces

    There is no explanation for these they just need to be clean!
    Clear your desired shelf/surface of everything on it and take a look, ask yourself "Does that really belong here?" And if that answer is "No" find it's real place on your room.
    If you have more than one shelf/surface choose it hold specific things like, Shelf A will only have books, and Shelf B will only have journals and art things.
    Keep organized!

  • 4. Your Bed!

    Your bed is a crucial place in your bedroom, and if your anything like me that's where you spend most of your free time, so keeping it nice is important!
    Take off EVERYTHING on your bed and spray some fabric freshener on it, make it smell nice! If you don't have that then spray a little of your favorite perfume on it!
    Next make your bed, even if your room is clean a messy bed can ruin the whole rooms look!
    Also clean under the bed, put everything in its correct place!

  • 5. Desk

    Your desk is a pretty important place in your room, that's were you think the most! And if it's messy it could be distracting and annoying!
    Organize it, grab some jars or cups and put certain things in each one, even get creative and make cool labels!
    Pencils in one jar and pens in the other, also have a box nearby for journals and diaries!

  • Hope this helped!
    I'm not going to be annoying & ask your to like or save.
    This is for you to enjoy!



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