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posted in Relationships
  • You hear this all the time, but only because it’s such a key component to every part of a relationship. Being spontaneous goes a long way in your love life, because it forces you to step outside of your comfort zone. Be comfortable in your relationship and take a risk or two: toss on some sexy lingerie and pour some wine to set the mood right; don’t schedule sex – just do it; and if you’re used to having the lights off, leave them on and enjoy the moment! Live on the wild side, and neither of you will ever be bored.

  • There is a reason you and your partner chose each other. Remember and cherish the history of attraction that you have for each other, and use it to fuel the spark in your love life! My man knows I will always love it when he whispers on my neck that I’m the sexiest woman ever; even after all these years, it makes my heart skip a beat! Don’t ever take your mutual attraction for granted. Instead, use it to bring excitement back into your love life.

  • If you haven’t already, learn your love languages! Don’t bash it until you’ve tried it, trust me. Ask yourself: what does my partner need from me in order to feel fulfilled? What does he need to do for me in order to make me feel secure in our relationship? Knowing the answers to these questions is essential to sustaining your love life, because you can each cater your approaches to your individual wants and needs. Plus, understanding how exactly you and your partner communicate your love for each other will definitely boost your intimacy.

  • We get so caught up in our day-to-day schedules that we tend to forget those times when we would just spend all day in bed for a good romp. Instead of making sex something you only do when one of you is in the mood, make it a priority. Plan a long evening when you know it will be just you and your partner – plus sexy time. And don’t let your dry spells hinder your love life! It doesn’t matter if it’s been six weeks or six months: you can still have mutually fulfilling sex. Take advantage of the fact that you have a partner who desires you – and jump his bones!

  • Once sex becomes a priority, ensure that you and your partner are both fully engaged and present. Quickies can be great, but when you’re trying to make something a priority, you don’t just squeeze it into the ten minutes between soccer practice and dinner. When it comes to your sexual intimacy, forget about all the small things that can wait until tomorrow. Don’t worry about all the errands you have to run, that the trash needs to be taken out, or if the DVR is set to record Scandal (true life, people). Be all-in and relish your intimate moments together.

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