5 Life Hacks From A Century Ago That Still Make Sense Today! by Chelsey Malone - Musely
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5 Life Hacks From A Century Ago That Still Make Sense Today!

posted in Entertainment
  • 1. Picking up broken glass

    Who hasn’t cut themselves picking up a broken bottle or glass, or cut themselves on a tiny sliver of glass left over? It’s one of life’s cruel jokes on us, but fear not, there is a solution! 

    A hundred years ago, the answer was to use a damp cloth. Now, I know what you are thinking, how does that help? But it really is quite clever. A damp cloth will collect all those little shards that end up stuck in your heel, or worse, big toe, in one easy step, no worry about hidden dangers from now on! 

  • 2. Draw a circle without a compass

    Even in the mostly digital world we live in, sometimes you want to draw something on actual paper (I’m sure you do sometimes), but how do you draw a circle without a compass? 

    Take a piece of wire, twist it tight around a pencil at one end, and use the remainder as a ‘leg’ of a compass to draw circles. Change the diameter of the circle by winding more or less wire around the pencil. 

  • 3. Removing a ring

    You know what it’s like, as soon as you want to take off a rung, suddenly its stuck fast. Pulling on it never seems to work, but take some soap, lather it up and work it into the ring area and it will suddenly simply slip off. Magic! 

  • 4. Removing a splinter

    We may be 100 years further on, but splinters are still just as painful, and just as annoying to get out, but here we have a work of genius to solve the problem. 

    Take a mason jar or similar, fill it right to the brim with hot water, place your hand right over the top where the splinter is and press down tightly. Evaporation creates a vacuum, which results in suction and the splinter is pulled out. Who says we cannot learn anything new! 

  • 5. Cooling Wine without Ice

    A skill that will never be out of date, who wants warm wine? This old British hack tells you to wrap your lovely bottle of wine in a flannel (washcloth to the rest of us), put it in a basin of cold water, and leave cold water running over it for 10 minutes. Result? Perfectly chilled wine, just how you want it.  


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