5 Great Ways To Get A Good Nights Sleep by Lyssi Tull - Musely
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5 Great Ways To Get A Good Nights Sleep

posted in Health & Fitness
  • 1.) Make your bedroom a comfortable place, it may sound stupid, but if you don't feel safe and comfortable in your own bedroom then how will you ever be able to sleep in there? So it might just be a colour that you don't like or that makes you think that something in your room is out of place. Try different things like a different blanket or curtains and if you really want to try something new then paint your walls. Point is you should just try to get a room that you like and think is a place to call home.

  • 2.) Get used to a nightly routine, once things become routinely going to sleep faster will become routine too. So just do some thing every night before you get into bed, like brushing your teeth, washing our face, and getting everything you need for tomorrow ready. Personally I do the routine I mentioned above, but since it will become easier to do these things each night it becomes easier to fall asleep. So since your body will start to go on a schedule each night then you will be able to fall asleep much faster.

  • 3.) Keep your room a warm temperature. Studies show that the colder a room is the more likely you are to experience nightmares, so your room can't be too hot or too cold as you will have problems with both, if it is too hot then you will be sweating and you won't be able to fall asleep, and I it is too cold you may fall asleep but you will be like an Eskimo in blankets and you may have nightmares, so I suggest getting a heater or air conditioner in your room so that you can control the temperature.

  • 4.) Try to go to bed at around the same time every night, if you go to bed at all different times then you will be tired one day and fine the next, there will be no consistency with your sleeping. So I suggest if your favourite show is on late at night you could watch it on Netflix or youtube or if it is on earlier then go to bed once it is over.

  • 5.) Try reading a book before you actually sleep, or if you don't like reading then try doing a bit of yoga, just try and stay away from your hand held devices because the technology will keep you up for longer, and the colour blue increases brain activity thus making it harder to fall asleep. Another trick is to blink as fast as you can for 1 minute to make your eyes tired before you sleep.

  • Thanks everyone for reading, please like, share, comment or whatever you want do and please follow me, thanks ✌️


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