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5 Best Exercises For Bigger Lips

posted in Beauty
  • Many women inject botox to have bigger lips in order to become more attractive and sexy, but not everyone can afford this. Every woman can have bigger lips using a natural way, by making some exercies that you can do home, spending no money.
    Preparation Exercise – To get the best results, before starting exercise, wash your face and rinse mouth intense, first with warm water and then with cold water. Make a set of ten exercises at first, then gradually increase the number to 20.

  • Exercise 1 – Stretch your lips in front, open mouth, then slowly relax your facial muscles and stick your lips . Keep your mouth shut, and move sequentially your lips to the right and to the left, and draw a small 8.
    Exercise 2 – Stretch your lips in front and then slowly exhale as you try to extinguish a candle. Easy, relax your lips after this exercise.
    Exercise 3 – Inhale deeply and then bulg out your cheeks out and pursed your lips. Breathe the air gradually, slowly at first, and when nearly finished, push the air out with 2-3 breath.
    Exercise 4 – Slowly, like a song, tell [a] [e] [a] [u]

  • then breathe deeply. BOMB out your cheeks and exhale air through the mouth half open, and breathe deeply. BOMB cheeks apart and exhale through the mouth half open for vibrating your lips. It should produce a noise like a whistle.
    Exercise 5 – For 2-5 minutes whistle a song known. Try to make it sound as loud and clear as possible.


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