4 Genius Ways To Salvage A Broken Lipstick by Nisha 🌞 Sebastian - Musely
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4 Genius Ways To Salvage A Broken Lipstick

posted in Beauty > Makeup
  • Scoop it out and set it in place.
    Scoop it out and set it in place.
  • Scoop it out and set it in place.

    This method is good if your lipstick bullet is fairly new but broke very close to the base. It involves scooping out the base of the lipstick and putting the broken lipstick bullet in the base instead.

    Here, I used a bent paper clip to scoop out the base. As for the remaining lipstick that had been scooped out, you can store it in a small container.

    The pro about this method is the lipstick will be more secure in the lipstick container since it’s being placed in the very base. The con is that your lipstick is going to appear SO much shorter.

  • Heat it and freeze it.
    Heat it and freeze it.
  • Heat it and freeze it.

    If you want to take your chances at making your lipstick work like it did before without losing much product, then this method is for you. It involves using a flame to melt part of the lipstick (usually the bullet) and then sticking it onto the lipstick base.

    Here, I reinterpreted the idea by heating the lipstick base instead of the bullet, since the bullet itself was too short and I was afraid of burning myself. After the lipstick base started to melt, I quickly stuck the lipstick bullet on top. To fill in some gaps on the side of the lipstick, I used a paper clip

  • to scrape some lipstick from the top, heated the product I scraped quickly in the flame, and then used the paper clip to smooth out the sides. Finally, I popped the lipstick into the freezer, and after a few minutes, it was a solid once again!

    The pro about this method is your lipstick won’t lose a lot of length, but the con is that it the broken lipstick top might still slip off from the lipstick base if it doesn’t stick well.

  • Store it in a container
    Store it in a container
  • If there’s no way your lipstick could ever look like a lipstick again, you may want to consider placing it in a tiny container or palette. I really like using solvent containers, but larger, travel-size cosmetic containers work, too.

    When it comes to actually placing your lipstick in a storage container, you can either do the smoosh method (which is exactly how it sounds) or the melt method, which entails placing the lipstick in a metal spoon, hovering it over a candle flame and letting it melt. Once it’s liquidy, you pour it into your container and stick it into the freezer to solidify.

  • The melt method is my go-to for dealing with broken lipsticks since it only takes about a minute to do and produces the neatest-looking results.

  • Repurpose it.
    Repurpose it.
  • If the lipstick bullet that broke wasn’t your favorite to begin with, now is the time to experiment by turning it into a cream blush or combining it with another lipstick to create a custom shade.

    Using the melt method, I combined broken lipstick colors to create a shade that works for my lips and cheeks.

    And in case you were wondering what happened to my Tom Ford lipstick, it is still alive and well, and now permanently kept in a cool area.


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