30 FASHION & BEAUTY TIPS YOU OUGHT TO KNOW by 30 FASHION & BEAUTY TIPS YOU OUGHT TO KNOWNever buy shoes a size bigger. Always buy the ones that fits properly, if it is a bit tight don’t worry about it as the more you wear the shoe, by time it takes your foot shape. Avoid applying nail polish with the fan on. It makes the polish thick and difficult to apply. If you are not too fond of junk jewelry then consider buying neutral colors as you can maximize its utility. If the color of your favorite pumps wears off from one place and makes the entire thing looks bad, don’t be disappointed. Just buy the same color acrylic paint or nail polish and paint over that spotIf you don’t like to wear your ring on the same finger always then choose buying the ones with adjustable size option. Neon is in. But don’t go overboard with it. Make sure you don’t wear more than one or max two neon things at the same. Use your old bangles / bracelets to make a cool pen stand. Place the bracelets on one another , stick them with super glue. Stick an old coaster in the bottom and u’re done Avoid wearing skin tight jeans for long hours . It can cause nerve damage. Keep your jewelry away from water; as it might ruin it. Make sure u take them off while washing hands.If you find buying bag charms are expensive and a waste of money, you can easily make them using old key-chains and/or chunky hair ties. Follow one color theme; if you are wearing a gold colored bracelet , try not to wear a silver watch! Old long necklaces you don’t wear anymore? But your heart is too stuck on it to not throw it away? Re-use it on your bags by adding them to the handle. If bright colors are not your thing then tune it into a small accessory like belt, cuffs, finger ring, bag or nail polish to brighten up your look! Worried about shoe bites? Before breaking into new shoes stick a piece of surgical tape on the parts wear you most likely get the shoe bite and save yourself from the bites. Want to flaunt your long earrings? Make sure you choose a hairstyle which won’t cover your ears. If you are on the heavier side , avoid wearing a plain bright colored top. It’ll make you look bigger . Experiment with printed tops and scarves. Do not wear dark make-up on a hot sweaty day, the heat will melt it all on your face making you look sloppy. If you are wearing a lot of chunky bangles in one hand then skip the watch in the other hand so that it doesn’t clash. If you have an oily scalp or frizzy hair, tie a neat pony-tail/top knot while travelling to easily manage them. Don’t shy away from wearing a classy metal hairband if you feel you are too old for it. Pair it with a simple plain shirt and you are all set. Are worried about a pimple coming out just a few days before an important date? Just apply ice over the affected area till it soothes and avoid sugary and fatty foods for a couple of weeks! Like to wear high heels but its uncomfortable while travelling or driving? Carry a light flip-flop along and switch with your need! Want to wear backless or a short dress but worried about dark unwanted patches on your skin? Just apply a good moisturizer and some liquid foundation over it, and enjoy the compliments. Always have a back-up survival kit in your bag, car or office, consisting of few important things; a small tube/bottle of face cream, sanitizer, eyeliner , handkerchief, a small tube of face wash, and whatever else you need. If you accidently get an oil stain on your clothes or any other fabric just sprinkle some talcum powder over it and leave it to absorb the oil for a couple of hours, repeat the process till you get the desired result. Do you shy away from colored or printed pants? Go for a darker shade for starters and pair it with a plain colored top. Want to wear a sexy black dress, but you are also worried that black has become boring? Spice it up with hot red stiletto pumps or a chunky neck piece. Dry feet can spoil your entire look. Don’t have time for a pedicure? Wash your feet and just rub a few drops of baby oil to make your feet will look shiny and clean. Want to highlight your hair? Choose a color according to your skin tone and go for smaller highlights in various shades that is similar to your natural hair colour as they blend in well with your hair compared to chunkier ones. Minimize your other make-up and accessories if you are wearing red lipstick; let your lips be the center of attention.Do you feel that Polka-dots are childish? Pair smaller polka dots with trousers / skirts to give it a polished lady-like look