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3 Killer Techniques That Get Rid Of Stubborn "Ab Flab"

posted in Health & Fitness
  • #1 - Do “Core” Exercises Instead
    If you want to get rid of that muffin-top and shrink wrap your waistline, you need to do exercises that hit your entire mid-section, not just your abs! Your abs are only one part of your “core” and in order to go from having flabby abs to being tight and defined all the way around your middle, you must strengthen your abs AND all of the muscles surrounding them.
    To do this exercise, you’re going to start in a “plank” position (keep your body straight, don’t let your butt sag to low or stick up too high).

  • Next, raise your left arm out straight in front of you and raise your right leg straight out behind you.  Hold this position for 5 seconds.  Now switch sides.  Repeat 5 times.
    Next, raise your left arm out straight in front of you and raise your right leg straight out behind you. Hold this position for 5 seconds. Now switch sides. Repeat 5 times.
  • The reason this exercise is so effective is because you are not only working your abs, you are strengthening your entire core, toning things up while helping to actually protect your spine!

    #2 - Cut Out The #1 Fat Causing Food

    Sugar is the #1 reason that you carry fat on your body. That’s right…it’s not fat that makes you fat, it’s SUGAR.

    That’s because sugar stimulates a fat-storing hormone called insulin, which is secreted by your pancreas. The more sugar you eat, the more insulin your body secretes… and that means you gain more and more FAT.

    But here’s the worst part…

  • Of all your body parts, guess where your insulin hormone loves to store fat the most? Yep, you guessed it — your stomach!
    If you ever want to shed belly fat and reveal those lean abs, you MUST eat less sugar.\
    That is a fact. But for the times when you DO eat sugar, remember this:

    Don’t drink your sugar, EAT your sugar!”
    Memorize it, tattoo it to your forehead…whatever.

    Here’s why: when you eat sugar from natural, whole foods (an apple for example), you are consuming the sugar along with fiber from the fruit. Fiber slows down the uptake of sugar into your bloodstream, preventing yo

  • your insulin from spiking so that you don’t store gobs of fat.

    On the other hand, when you have sugary drinks (yes, even fruit juice!), there is NO fiber. With every sip, you are essentially telling your body, “Hey, let’s pack on lots of fat!”

    Here’s something else you need to understand: all carbohydrates break down into sugar once they’re in your body. That’s why foods like bread, pasta, and rice make you pack on the pounds and cause you to feel bloated all the time.

    Now, even though you should cut back on these high-carb foods, I’m not saying you can’t eat carbs at all.

  • In fact, let me fill you in on a little trick that let’s you “cheat” and eat more carbs — without expanding your waistline…

    If you’re going to eat carbs, the best time is AFTER you workout.

    You see, after you finish a workout, your glycogen (glucose stored in your muscles) gets depleted. So when you eat carbs, your body uses the sugar to replenish your muscles first, instead of sending it straight to your gut!

    #3 - Wake Up Your Metabolism!

    Your metabolism works around the clock 24/7 to keep your body functioning optimally and it requires fuel to keep running.

  • Guess where that fuel comes from?
    Your body fat! That’s right, your metabolism is fueled by fat. So by increasing your metabolism, you’re telling your body to burn off MORE fat.
    I know, I know. That sounds easier said than done, but stick with me and you’ll discover how increasing your metabolism is MUCH easier than you think (no matter your age or genetics)…
    Steady-state cardio (like jogging or doing the elliptical) increases the production of a stress hormone called cortisol. Cortisol causes weight gain and makes it more difficult to burn off stubborn belly fat. That’s why no matter

  • how much cardio you do, you always hit a plateau eventually.
    Even worse, too much cardio accelerates aging! When you put your body under prolonged stress, you start producing free-radicals, which damages your cells and causes inflammation…and inflammation is what makes you OLD. Yikes!

    Hence do metabolic training, like HIIT, Plyometrics, strength, Isometric for long and lean muscles and falte abs.


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