3 Cute Valentine's Day Gift Ideas❤️🌹

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  • For this gift, it's very easy to accomplish! Especially if it's a last minute gift for your loved one!

    1. Find any kind of container or cute thing to hold the love notes in
    2. Decorate the box with however many reasons you love them
    3. Get little slips of paper and write your reasons onto the paper
    4. Pile them into the container/box
    5. Finally, watch them smile😊

  • Who doesn't love mugs?! If you're one of this people that do, then follow these 4 simple directions!

    1. Get a plain white(or any color)mug
    2. Get a sharpie marker in any color and decorate your mugs
    TIP: be careful, might smear while drawing
    3. After you're done decorating, put it in the oven at 350 degrees for about 20-30 to prevent it from smearing
    4. Put candy or anything they like in the cup

  • For this, you don't even need steps to create this! All you have to do is print out a couple pictures of you and your loved one, pick the best ones and frame them. I suggest that before you frame them decorate the frame so the picture and glass doesn't get ruined. Enjoy!

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