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27 DIY Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Know - Must See!

posted in Beauty
  • I almost DIED when I saw this; these are literally amazing hacks! Check them out; they're really worth the read!
    I almost DIED when I saw this; these are literally amazing hacks! Check them out; they're really worth the read!
  • Keep Lipstick Off Teeth

    Lipstick on the teeth has plagued women for centuries. Nobody likes to smile and find out that they have red all along their pearly whites. A great way to avoid this is to simply wipe your lips from the inside out. After you finish applying your lipstick, just stick your finger in your mouth and pull it out. Remember making those “popping” noises when you were a kid? This is the same thing. Your finger will wipe away the excess lipstick and leave your teeth shiny white.

  • White Eye Shadow Makes Eyes Stand Out
    White eye shadow is a great choice if you really want your eyes to stand out. You just have to layer your lid with white eye shadow and then add the colors that you want. The white will also keep those other colors from rubbing off before the end of the day and you can even add white to the top of the lid by the brow to really make your eyes pop.

  • Use Mascara as Eye Liner
    If you have run out of eye liner and you are in a hurry, you can use your mascara instead. Just rub an eye liner brush over the mascara brush and then line your eyes. This works well if your mascara is the same color as the eye liner that you typically use and even if it’s not, it will help you to get your eyes lined in a pinch. The mascara will wash off your eye lids just like it does off your lashes.

  • Apply Concealer in a Triangle Shape
    Concealing dark circles and bags under your eyes is much easier when you apply concealer properly. Instead of dotting on concealer in the pattern of your eyes, apply it in a triangle shape. Just dot it on under your eyes and blend downward in the triangle shape. It will perfectly cover up those dark circles and bags and give you the look that you want.

  • Make Your Own Gel Eyeliner
    Gel eyeliner is a great way to make your eyes look smoldering and gel tends to last longer than traditional eyeliner pencils. If you notice that your eyeliner rubs off or smudges before the end of the day, you can use gel eyeliner in its place. The problem is that gel eyeliners can be a bit more expensive than pencils. So, just make your own. You just have to take a lighter and carefully heat the end of any eyeliner pencil to create gel eyeliner that looks great and will last all day.

  • Get a Great Graduated Ombré Manicure
    Graduated manicures are all the rage and they are so easy to do, if you know how. Instead of spending hours applying each coat of color, just apply them all at once. You will need a few makeup sponges and the colors that you plan to use. Just paint the pattern that you want on the makeup sponge and then press it to your nail. Instant manicure that’s really easy to do and will ensure that the pattern is the same on every nail.

  • Set Lipstick to Last
    Lipstick tends to rub off, smudge and otherwise not look as great at the end of the day as it does when you first apply it. You can remedy this problem with a tissue and a bit of translucent powder. After you have applied your chosen lip color, just hold a tissue over your lips lightly and dust just a bit of translucent powder over the tissue. This helps to set the lipstick so that it lasts longer.

  • Make Your Own Lip Venom
    Lip Venom is a tad expensive and you don’t necessarily have to shell out $20 to look like you have. You can just add a drop or two of peppermint oil to your favorite color of lip gloss and get the same results. You can pick up peppermint oil at any natural food store and many grocery stores have it as well. Just add to your lip gloss and mix it in well to get the same results as Lip Venom without the cost.

  • Get Longer, Fuller Lashes with Baby Powder
    You don’t have to wear false lashes to get that long, full look. You can achieve the same look by simply dipping a cotton swab into baby powder and running it across your lashes after you have applied a coat of mascara. Then just apply a second coat of mascara and it will adhere to the powder, giving your lashes a much longer and fuller look.

  • Get a Cupid’s Bow Shape with Lip Liner
    To get fuller and more luscious lips, you simply have to learn how to properly apply lip liner. In order to get the Cupid’s Bow shape, you just need to mark an “X” in the center of your top lip, line the corners and then join everything together. Once you apply your lipstick, your lips will look much fuller.

  • Get a Polished Top Knot in Minutes
    Even if you are in the car on your way to work, you can quickly and easily style your hair in a great top knot that will last all day. Just gather your hair into a ponytail high on your head and secure, divide the ends of your ponytail in two and twist each section. Then just wrap the sections in opposite directions and pin.

  • Learn How to Contour Properly
    Getting your makeup to look right depends on how you apply it. There is a method for contouring that you should learn in order to make your makeup look perfect every time. Following certain lines on your face is crucial when applying contouring or concealer and when you use a darker color along the lines of your cheekbones, you get that great high cheekbone look.

  • Learn How to Create a Winged Look with Eye Makeup
    When you want that bold winged look, it is important that you draw the lines in first and then color them in. Just draw in the wing at the outside corner of your eye and then use the same eye liner to fill it in. This not only helps you to get cleaner lines, it helps your wings to stay in place much longer.

  • Use a Rubber Band to Fix Your French Manicure
    If you chip one of the tips of your french manicure, you don’t necessarily have to remove the polish and do the entire thing again. For a quick fix, just remove the portion of the nail polish that is chipped and use a rubber band to section it off. You can then just paint new polish over the area that needs it and be on your way.

  • Get Winged Shape Eye Liner with a Spoon
    If you want to draw in wing shapes at the outer corners of your eyes, an old spoon will do the trick nicely. Just hold the spoon at your eye’s corner and trace the outline. This gives you the perfect winged look and helps you to keep from ruining your makeup by making lines that you don’t need. Plus, it helps you to get the look that you want much faster.

  • Use a Business Card to Apply Mascara
    If you hold a business or credit card (not a usable one) up to your lashes when applying mascara, you can get the mascara all the way to the very root of your lashes. This helps you to have a more professional makeup look and ensures that your lashes will be colored perfectly all the way to the base.

  • Get Great Nail Art – With a Band-Aid
    For quick nail art, just grab the Band-Aids. After you paint your nails the color that you want and ensure that they are dry, just place the sticky part of the Band-Aid over your nails and color in with white or any other color that you want. You will get a great polka-dot look that is easy and takes very little time to create.

  • Quick and Easy Eye Shadow Using Gel Liner
    Instead of grabbing the eye shadow every time, you can make your eye makeup routine much faster by simply crosshatching gel liner onto your lids and then blending. The gel liner will last for many hours and gives you smudge-proof eye coverage as well. You can also blend different colors if you want for a really unique look.

  • Check Makeup in the Car
    The lighting in different places will make your makeup look different. When you finish applying it each morning, be sure to grab your compact and check it against the natural lighting inside your car. This will show you any areas that may need to be blended better or colors that are a bit too bold.

  • Keep Your Smokey Eyes from Looking Muddy
    When blending for a smokey eye look, it is important that you use one brush to apply your chosen colors and a clean brush to blend. This keeps the colors from running into each other, particularly on your second eye when you have additional makeup on the brush. Clean your brush when you are finished so that it will be ready tomorrow.

  • Use Glue for Easy Glitter Nail Polish Removal
    Glitter nail polish is great, until you try to remove it. Instead of fighting with it during removal, use Elmer’s glue before you paint it on. When you use glue as the base coat, your glitter nail polish will actually just peel right off when you are ready to change colors and the glue can keep your polish in place for up to a week.

  • Elmer’s Glue for the Perfect Manicure
    Using Vaseline for a neat manicure is a good idea, but you can’t really see it. If you use Elmer’s glue you can see it much better when you are finished painting your nails. You can rub it off if you do accidentally get it on your nails. Apply the glue with a brush and then just peel it away and it will take those corners and edges with it, leaving you with the perfect manicure.

  • Get Fuller Lips with Eye Shadow
    Pale, frosted eye shadow is the perfect choice if you want fuller, poutier lips. Just apply your lip color as normal and then go over it with a frosted eye shadow. The frost is a bit thicker in eye shadow so it will give your lips a luscious full look when you just dab it on over your lipstick.

  • Make Waves Last Longer with Flat-Ironed Braids
    Every woman knows that braiding hair gives you great waves but the trouble is that those waves don’t really stick around for long. You can make them last longer if you use your flat-iron on them. Before you take your braids down, use your hair straightener to heat them. Let them cool and them loosen them. your waves will last much longer this way.

  • Learn Where to Apply Perfume for All-Day Stay
    Perfumes don’t always last all day and one of the reasons for this is that many women have no idea where to actually apply them. If you want staying power with your scent, you have to hit the critical areas. Apply your perfume to the insides of both wrists, behind your ears, inside your elbow, at the base of your throat and behind your knees to make the scent stick with you longer.

  • Fast-Dry Your Nail Polish
    There are a few different ways that you can dry nail polish more quickly. The freezer works well or you can simply dip your nails into ice water after you finish polishing them. Leave for just a few seconds and it will help to set the polish. You can also use a blow dryer or spray Pam cooking spray on your nails to set the polish and help protect it from cracks.

  • Treat Bruises with Mouthwash
    If you just can’t help but walk into things and you have a fresh bruise, you can treat it with mouthwash. The mouthwash will help the bruise to clear up much faster and instantly makes it look better. Remember this the next time you walk into that table that you keep forgetting you have. Just dab some mouthwash on the area with a cotton swab and it will look and feel much better.

  • Thanks for looking!
    Thanks for looking!
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