26 Eye Makeup Tips For Beginners by Brianna Van Dreel - Musely
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26 Eye Makeup Tips For Beginners

posted in Beauty > Makeup
  • To avoid smudging of eyeliner, make sure your eyelids are grease and oil free. You can ensure this by using an eye makeup remover.

  • To get that perfect look, I keep my eyes open while doing eyeliner. It's a little tricky at first, but you'll get the hang of it!

  • Make sure to keep your eyeliner as close to your lashline as possible. It makes it appear as if the liner is a part of your eye.

  • There are times when you want to make your eyes look bigger. For that, you can use a white pencil to line the inner rim of your eyes, then use your liner around it.

  • To make your eyes look bigger, go for a pencil as they tend to be softer. Smudge the line with your finger so it looks more natural as apposed to a straight line.

  • With age, you might be reluctant to use an eyeliner. Don't stop using eyeliner, just use a softer shade.

  • The color along your bottom lashline should never be deeper than the color along the top.

  • You can line along the top lashline and not line along the bottom, but never line the bottom and not the top.

  • Mascara should be placed along the roots; not the tips; to make your lashes look longer.

  • Mascara looks very bad if the lashes clump together. To avoid this, shake the brush horizontally to separate them while applying your mascara.

  • After you apply mascara, use an eyelash comb or a clean mascara wand to remove clumps.

  • Eyelash curlers can be used before and after applying mascara. Both ways work equally well.

  • For the bottom lashes, you can use a tissue to shield your makeup so you don't get mascara on your cheek.

  • To help your mascara stay longer, you should always use a base.

  • The right technique for applying eyeshadow is applying the base color (lightest) into the eyes up to the brow bone first, then apply the lid color (medium), and lastly, the highlighter (darkest).

  • Always choose your eyeshadow according to your skin tone. It really makes a difference.

  • Your eyes will pop if you use the same color shadow as your iris.

  • While creating smokey eyes, try to keep the color to the lid and just under the lower lashline. Don't extend color above the crease.

  • Different types of eyes (hooded, wide-spread, etc.) have different areas where highlight, midtone and contour shades should be applied. Always keep in mind your eye type and where to apply different shades.

  • To get a better curl on your eyelashes, try heating up your eyelash curler with your blow dryer for a few seconds before you curl.

  • The applicators and brushes should be of good quality to get good results. Usually the ones that come with your makeup are not good quality.

  • If you're using a bright or bold lipstick shade, try to go lighter on eyeshadow or the results could be disastrous.

  • Try putting a lighter shade of eyeshadow at the inner corner of your eye, near the tear duct. It brightens your eyes and makes you look more awake.

  • Well maintained eyebrows add to the beauty of eye makeup.

  • And finally, NEVER match your eye makeup to your clothes!


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