25 Things Every New Ferret Owner Needs To Know! by Katelynn Sheline - Musely
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25 Things Every New Ferret Owner Needs To Know!

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  • When u get a ferret for the first time you might be clueless as to how to take care of your new baby. Well he are some tips to get u started

  • 1.depending on how many ferrets you have is how big a cage u need I recommend a big cage for any number of ferrets

    2.have many things for your ferret to sleep in suck as hammocks and tons of blankets

    3.you can get rid of the smell easy! With products website link on last page

    4. Give them baths twice a month no more because u can dry out there skin if you do it more than twice a month

  • 5. Yes you have to trim there nails I recommend you buy clippers link on last page. I also recommend someone to help you but if u do it alone or with someone else you can lightly scruff there neck do not squeeze it but lightly and they should not move to much! :)

    6: let them out frequently they can get depressed if they are all alone in a tiny or big cage for a long period of time so let them out every day for at least a few hours.

    7:make sure then have food 24 they have fast metabolisms so they eat frequently and make sure tons of water.

  • 8: it's okay for your ferret to have a plain kibble diet but it is supper healthy for them to eat meat such as rabbit, and mice

    9:you need to keep your ferret cool they will get dehydrated in hot rooms or weather they do really good in cold weather I suggest you keep frozen water bottles in the cage for them to lay on or play with you can put. Fan on them but make sure it is not directly on your ferret you can suffocate them kinda like how it's hard for us to breath with wind blowing in our face

  • 10:ferrets love little toys make sure they are not to small enough to swallow they will take things and hide them places you will soon find there hiding spots! ;)

    11:ferrets can not digest fruits or vegetables or gains so do not try to feed it to them and of course no chocolate!! If you notice them having having s bloody stool or throw up see a vet immediately and yes you can give them treats link on last page

  • 12:if you have personal things you want the ferret to stay out of put it in high places they can't climb or jump to and yes they can jump pretty far and high! Never punish them for getting into things you left out its not their fault they are very curious animals they may break things but it's okay you will love still love your fuzz butt! πŸ˜‡

    13: make sure you never ever buy clumping litter they can swallow it and they can die so never ever buy it!

  • 14: make sure you take your ferret to the vet every 6 months to make sure they are healthy and happy! 😊

    15: make sure that if you have stuffing in something that they do not claw it open because they can swallow it and they can choke and die from swallowing it so make sure if u see it is cut open throw it away!!!!

    16:make sure you have a carrier to take your baby any where he or she needs such as the vet!

  • 17:this is not a must! I suggest you get two or three babies so that your baby has someone to play with ferrets can get depressed and lonely if they have no one to play with when every they want!!

    18:spend as much time as possible with your ferrets how they play or react to you is based on how and how often you play with them is u are mean and smack them for biting you they will start to ignore you if your ferrets follows you every where you go it's means they like you and want to play! My baby does it every day πŸ˜‡

  • 18: if your ferret is a baby it will bite it's an instinct they have there is no avoiding it but they do not bite hard and they will stop as they get older around 1 1/2 or 2 so I suggest not having small children play with them till the ferret is older note *even when the ferret grows up they will still play bite you not very often only when u tickle them of wrestle with them but this may be different if you smack them they might bite you* do not smack your ferret for biting or doing something wrong they will dislike you for it!

  • 19: your ferret will poop anywhere they can get to fast enough so I suggest tile or wood floors *they really like pooping in corners! So make sure you buy a big or corner littler box for in and outside of the cage it will save you from the time of cleaning it up!

    20: I suggest having tons of toy and some tunnels or things to run in and out of they love to run and hide and jump out at each other it is adorable to watch! 😊

  • 21: if you take your ferret out side of your house ALWAYS have a harness on them and make sure it fits! They can escape from them really easily!

    22: your ferret might be naughty sometimes but do not smack,hit or, throw The ferret when mine were little I put them in a time out on the cage I also have a little water bottle make sure it does not spray out tons of water and make sure the water is not freezing cold and lightly spray them when they are bad do not do it to much they will start to dislike you only is it when necessary!

  • 23:they like to cuddle and sleep in things they might sleep in your dresser drawers or your clothes so don't be alarmed if you see them in your clothes!

    24: you can not use any flea Mexican on them ask your vet what kind they recommend they can die if you use the wrong kind!!

    25: lastly ferrets can get cancer and tumors and many other things at any age not just old age so make sure you spend as much time as your can with your baby the average life span for ferrets is around 7-8 years so spend time with them trust me it is hard when they go I have lost 2 to old age and I miss them tons!!

  • This is the website you can can get anything ferret wise for here it's amazing! http://m.ferret.com This was just some things I want people to know I love my ferrets and I ants you to love yours to! πŸ’Ÿ PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE! 😊


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