24 Makeup Tips Nobody Told You πŸ‘„ by 24 Makeup Tips Nobody Told You πŸ‘„When applying mascara use a disposable spoon to avoid getting the product on your skinThese are different ways to apply blush depending on your face shapeUse a small strip of scotch or microporous tape when drawing on your eyeliner to help gain a perfect winged lookThese are the areas of the eye you should highlight: the brow bone, the centre of the lid and the inner cornerWhen your mascara runs out add a few drops of a saline solution to break apart the dried mascara, this works a lot better than waterThese are different ways you should apply eyeshadow depending on the shape of your eyesUsing white eyeliner on your waterline instead of black makes your eyes appear a lot largerIf your eyeshadow appears too dull when applied, use a white base coat to set the colour offThe perfect way to curl your lashesAlong with the previous slide try heating your eyelash curlers up for between 3-5 seconds to get an even better curlThis is critical when purchasing a new foundationUse a light pink matte pencil across the entire length of your brow bone to create the illusion of a higher archOne of the most popular and highly affective methods of contouringIf you want a larger lip look apply your lip liner just off the edge of your lips. This creates a more plumped larger look, but be careful not to go too far out or you'll look like a clownWhen applying products to your face its best to use downwards strokesHere are the best shaped eyebrows you could have to compliment your face shapeRunning low on foundation? Use a liquid concealer and face lotion to make a perfect foundationBefore applying mascara rub the brush lightly on a tissue to remove any clumpsThe best method to covering up blemishes and pimplesAfter applying lipstick brush translucent powder onto your lips through a tissue, this allows your lipstick to stay on longerThe quickest, easiest way to applying your false eyelashesUsing frosted powder you can create a plumped 3D lip effectAlways keep note of this as it's important to know when things should be thrown outPlease like, share and save this tip πŸ’• Don't forget to follow me πŸ’Ž