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20 Things My Mom Was Right About

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  • 1. You’re only 15.

    Oh, what a simple statement, and ohhhh how I did NOT listen. When I was 15, I dated a guy that was 3 years older (may as well have been 10 years older in high school terms). He was a bad influence…. and a complete idiot. Today, he’s even more of an idiot… Or

  • I’m just old enough to see what my mom always saw. When I look back on my life, especially my teenage years, I’ve got to laugh. There are so many things my mom told me NOT to do, and I went right ahead and did them. Why did I not listen to my mother?

  • 2. Nothing good ever happens after midnight.

    In high school I remember getting angry when my mother would say, “nothing good ever happens after midnight.” Well, thinking back on it… nothing good really did happen after 12, unless I was having a sleepover with my girlfriends. Staying out late

  • typically ended in me making bad decisions. I don’t know, maybe I’ll be making my child’s curfew… let’s say… 9pm? Ha!

  • 3. I just don’t like her.

    My mom liked most of my girl friends, but there were some that she just didn’t like or trust. Those girls she didn’t like, well they ended up being terrible friends! Friends that shared secrets, stole boyfriends, and backstabbed. Should have listened to mama.

  • 4. Don’t pierce your belly button.

    If all your friends jumped off a bridge, would you? I didn’t do this, but I wanted to SO badly. Looking back now, I sure am glad that I didn’t get a belly piercing, Every girl I know that pierced their belly button has a terrible scar now and regretted it during

  • pregnancy. It’s like my mom knew back then that one day they would go out of style (that’s some true intuition.) Thanks mom for telling me no… time & time again, and for ruining my life, and for being SO lame… I appreciate it now.

  • 5. Don’t shave your arms, because you’ll never be able to stop.

    Yeah… everyone I know that shaved their arms… well, they’re still shaving their arms.

  • 6. Go change your clothes before you leave!

    Once I tried leaving my house in a short skirt and a shirt that showed my stomach… my mom told me to change, and I threw a hissy fit. I was 15 years old! Thank God my mom made me change. Now when I see children dressed like that I feel disgusted. They’re

  • attracting older men, and it’s terrible… and they’re using their bodies! There is no need to show that much. My mom was definitely right.

  • 7. School is really important.

    Back in high school my mom always stressed education and how important it is. I remember hating her for making me study so much. However, when I moved away and started college I thanked God for the discipline my mom taught me. I learned very quickly that a night out

  • on the town isn’t worth retaking chemistry. Everyone realizes mom was right when it’s time to apply to grad school or land a job.

  • 8. He doesn’t deserve you.

    She was right, he didn’t back then, and he still doesn’t.


  • 9. Don’t take shots.

    My mother always warned me about taking shots. I remember thinking she just didn’t know how to have fun…. until the first time my fun back-fired. I remember coming home from a party and being terribly sick in the bathroom, and thinking I was going to be in sooooo much trouble.

  • What’s funny is, all my mom said was “I bet you won’t do that again, will you?” Guess what? I never wanted to take shots again… I learned my limit real quick.

  • 10. Wait.

    We want to rush everything in our youth… We think we are so ready for everything… like relationships, sex, freedom, etc… Well, we’re not. Waiting allows you to mature so you can actually make the correct decisions. A life of regret is not a life at all. There are so many consequences

  • that come out of rushing your life along… Sometimes it’s better to enjoy the time God’s given you, instead of trying to fast forward ahead.

  • 11. Read your Bible.

    I remember straying so far away from God and not really knowing Him. I was bored with religion because it was all about dos and don’ts. I would always wonder how my mama stayed so close to God… Well, it’s because she read her Bible, and she understood that knowing God is not

  • about a list of dos and don’ts. It’s about a relationship with Him. The Bible is God’s love letter to you, and it is amazing. His Word reveals truth to you, and it brings you closer to God, giving your life meaning and purpose. I wish I would have listened sooner.

  • 12. You won’t be able to eat like that forever.

    Ain’t that the truth! Yeah… no more queso all over those nachos or fries. Actually, no nachos or fries period.

  • 13. Kill them with kindness.

    Stooping down to someone’s level is easy. Remaining cool, calm, and collected takes class. My mama always said you catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

  • 14. Don’t visit the graveyard.

    Don’t talk to your exes…. Yeah… That’s one everyone should take note of!


  • 15. One day you’ll like coffee.

    Gosh, I remember I used to think it was gross. NOW IT’S AMAZING. How did I live without it? Seriously.

  • 16. Save your money.

    It’s no fun, but it’s really important to have financial security. Emergencies DO come up… and when you have an emergency, you don’t want to look at your closet full of dresses and shoes and wish you would have been smarter with your money. My mom always told me that, and it

  • took me halfway through college to learn my lesson.

  • 17. Be on time.

    I was that kid who was always first to arrive to any birthday party, and I hated it! You don’t realize how important being on time is until you’re walking in late to a job interview, rushing to the doctors office, or speed applying makeup for a date.

  • 18. You’re only as good as the company you keep.

    As much as you think that the people around you won’t influence you, they always do. Mom’s right, once again.

  • 19. You have friends everywhere, you just haven’t met them yet.

    I remember being so sad about leaving my best friends behind and moving away. I thought my life was over. Turns out, I met some amazing women all across the South. God has always brought the most amazing friends into my life,

  • and I feel truly blessed.

  • 20. Your true love is out there.

    I wasted so much of my time forcing love. I thought I could make it work with a lot of guys… Turns out, I just needed to be patient. When you meet the right guy, everything will fall into place, you won’t need to force it into place.

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  • Here's to all the great moms out there!
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