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20 Creative Ways to Organize and Decorate with Hangers

posted in Home & Garden
  • If you are looking for fun and creative ways to decorate and you have a lot of hangers just lying around, there are many crafts that you can do with those hangers. Using hangers for decorating is great because they offer organization as well as decoration.
    If you are looking for fun and creative ways to decorate and you have a lot of hangers just lying around, there are many crafts that you can do with those hangers. Using hangers for decorating is great because they offer organization as well as decoration.
  • Whether you need a cute way to hang your bras, want a cool hanger for belts or you want to really be creative and make your own craft station that easily hangs on a wall or door, there are many ways that you can use hangers. We have collected 20 great organization and decoration craft projects that use hangers.

    The great thing about these projects is you likely already have what you need to make them, you just have to put them together. You can hang them inside closets or anywhere, depending on how you want to decorate and they offer wonderful organization benefits as well

  • Hanging Bra Organizer

    Hanging those bras is a great way to keep them from tangling and this bra organizer gives you loads of room to store as many bras as you need to hang. You will need a few wooden hangers and a package of screw hooks to create the organizer. Then just put everything together and you have a great way to store and organize your bras for easier grabbing.

  • Jewelry Organizer

    Create a great place to hang and organize jewelry with a few wooden hangers and some small screw hooks. The hangers can hang on the wall and you can decorate them to help add to your décor. Adding the small screw hooks gives you places to hang necklaces, bracelets and even hoop and dangle earrings. This is the perfect way to organize jewelry and keep those chains from knotting.

  • Decorative Mod Podge Hangers

    Wooden hangers are really inexpensive and with a few other supplies, such as Mod Podge, you can create beautiful hangers for your closet. You just have to choose the design that you want, paint or add wrapping paper and then add the Mod Podge to keep everything in place. These are great for anywhere you want your hangers to be a bit decorative.

  • Wooden Hanger Coat Rack

    You don’t have to have a lot of space in the foyer or mud room to have a great coat rack. A few wooden hangers and a board will do the trick nicely. You attach the hangers by inverting them just a bit so that you can hang coats and hats on the wooden part and then the metal hanger part works great for holding keys, bags or anything else you need to hang.

  • Belt Hanger

    A few small screw hooks on a wooden hanger creates a great belt hanger. You just add the screw hooks to the bottom of the hanger and then hang belts on them. You can then hang the hanger in the closet and keep your belts perfectly organized and out of drawers. Hanging belts helps to protect the leather and keep it from cracking so this is perfect for anyone who wears a lot of belts.

  • Wooden Hanger Towel Bars

    Who says those wooden hangers have to be in the closet? You can create a great DIY towel bar using just a couple of old wooden hangers. You basically just hang them upside down on the wall and use the hook for towels, wash cloths or whatever else you need to hang up in the bathroom. Anchor the hangers to the wall using a small piece of dowel and a screw.

  • Rubber Band Remedy

    If you typically have trouble keeping your clothes on plastic hangers (they tend to fall off those hangers a lot), you can remedy the problem with rubber bands and a hot glue gun. Just glue the rubber bands onto the ends of the hangers and your clothes will stay put until you want them to come off.

  • Hanging Scarf Organizer

    A plastic hanger and some shower curtain hooks will help you to create a great place to hang and organize your scarves. You just have to affix the shower curtain hooks to the hanger by slipping them on and then hang your scarves. You can put as many hooks as you need on each hanger or use a couple of hangers if you don’t want your scarves to be too crowded.

  • Hanging Locker Organizer

    A bit of scrap denim and an old wooden hanger can help you to create a great organizer for lockers, sewing supplies, crafts or anything you need to organize. Just sew or use fabric glue to attach the denim to the hanger and then add pockets. An old pair of jeans with the pockets in place is a great start and you can add additional pockets as needed.

  • Hanging Flip Flop Organizer

    Flip flops are great but they can often get lost at the bottom of the closet. A few plastic toddler hangers will remedy this problem. You just have to score and carefully break the hangers to make room for the flip flops. This is a great way to use up those smaller hangers if you don’t need them and an excellent way to keep your flip flops from getting tossed about on the closet floor.

  • Hanging Craft Organizers

    You can use hangers in so many ways when it comes to organizing a craft station. Use them to hold small buckets of craft supplies or even lists that you need to fill. There is always something that you can do with a hanger. They make the perfect organizer for fabrics and other craft supplies that need to be hung to avoid wrinkling.

  • Scarf Holders

    Hanging scarf holders are a must for those of you that like to wear a lot of scarves. There are a number of hanging organizers on the market that hold up to 30 scarves at once. You can even make your own with an old hanger and a few other supplies. You just have to push the scarves through the hanging holes and then hang the organizer in your closet.

  • Scarf and Belt Organizer

    You can simply take any plastic hanger and use it to keep scarves and belts organized. If you tend to shove those items in a drawer, you can clean out those drawers and keep your belts and scarves in place by just slipping them through the hanger. Tie the scarves to keep them from falling off and you can just slip the belt loop over the hanger hook to keep them in place.

  • Shoe Hangers

    Old wire hangers work great for organizing shoes. You just have to snip the bottom of the wire hanger off with a pair of wire cutters and then use pliers to bend the ends up to hold the shoes. You can keep flats, lightweight tennis shoes and flip flops on these hangers and keep your shoes perfectly organized.

  • Boot Organizers

    Boots can be hung using hangers. Regular pants hangers work great to keep boots organized and off the floor. You just have to clip the top of your boots into the hangers and then hang them. This works great if you have a shorter rod in your closet that you can keep your boots on or you can just hang them from the bottom of a wire closet organizer.

  • Hat Organizers

    Ok, so if your man tends to have a lot of baseball caps, you probably want some way to keep those caps organized. Using just a wooden hanger and some plastic shower hooks, you can keep all of his (or your) hats perfectly organized. Just slip the shower hooks into the bottom of the hanger and then clip the caps on.

  • Boot Hangers

    Wire pants hangers work perfectly to keep boots off the floor. You just have to use the clips to clip the cop of each boot in place and you never again have to wonder where the matching boot is. This also works great for high top tennis shoes that your teenagers may have lying around.

  • Tie Organizers

    Keep those neckties perfectly organized and wrinkle free with a metal coat hanger and some metal shower hooks. Incidentally, you could also use plastic hooks if you prefer. Just clip the hooks onto the hanger and then add the ties. This also works well for belts and other accessories that you need to keep out of drawers and organized.

  • Space Saving Hangers

    Any regular hanger will work perfectly with this space saving idea. You just need S hooks and a small bit of chain for each organizer. Just hang the hook and insert the chain. The hangers then fit into the chain links and this gives you loads of space to add extra hangers on each chain. Instead of your closet being filled from side to side, you will be utilizing the space below your hanging clothes, giving you much more storage space.

  • Magazine Holder

    If you tend to have magazines or newspapers in the bathroom, a wooden hanger is the perfect way to keep those books organized. Just hang the hanger on a cabinet door or anywhere you have room and then add your newspapers and magazines by simply draping them over the bottom of the hanger. This keeps those papers off the floor and within arm’s reach when you need them.


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