18 Life Hacks You Never Knew AboutšŸ˜± by 18 Life Hacks You Never Knew AboutšŸ˜±Put your phone on airplane mode while charging it and it will charge 2x faster.If you want to download a YouTube video just add "ss" between the www. and youtube in the URL.Stretch for 5 minutes before you go to bed. Your muscles will become more relaxed and it will be easier to find a comfortable position to sleep in.If you are downloading a pdf that ends in .exe delete it because it is a virus!When filming a video at a concert, put your finger over your phones microphone. It will sound clearer when you play it back.If you have a stomach ache lay on your side and rub your stomach in clockwise circlesWhen shopping the cheapest items will be on the top and bottom shelves. The most expensive things are placed at eye level.Press 9 on your phone if you are getting a call from a telemarketer. It will add you number to the don't call list.If you have slow connection on your smartphone don't restart it, just put it on airplane mode then take it off.You can remove deodorant stains by rubbing them with nylon tights or dryer sheets. To use Spotify on your computer, search Spotify:app:visualizer and an interactive visualizer will appear.If you need to test a printer, print the Google home page. It has lots of colors and uses very little ink.Soak old paint brushes in vinegar for 30 minutes and they will become good as new!I hope these tips help! Please don't forget to like, share, and followšŸ˜˜