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posted in Health & Fitness

    Set your timer for 50 seconds (which is your maximum intensity) and 10 seconds (rest), for a total of 15 rounds.

    For each 50 second interval, complete one exercise, moving to the next exercise for the next 50 second round. Follow the exercises in the exact order below.

    Rest is only during the 10 second intervals.

    Pulsing Lunge (50 seconds right leg) (50 seconds left leg)
    Squat Thrusts
    3 Pulse Jump Squats
    Wall Sit


    PULSING LUNGE: Begin standing in the lunge position; one foot forward, one foot backward, knees slightly bent, abs tight. Bend your knees, bringing your back knee close to the ground, and pulse back up, and down, and up, and down. Continue pulsing for the entire 50 seconds.
    *Complete all reps on your right side first, then switch legs and complete another round on your left leg.

  • SQUAT THRUSTS: Begin standing, bend down placing your palms on the ground in front of your toes. This is the starting position. Jump your feet back bringing yourself into a high plank position and quickly bend your knees, bringing your knees back into your chest. This is one rep, complete as many reps as you can for the 50 second interval.

  • 3 PULSE JUMP SQUATS: Begin standing, bend your knees, push your hips backwards and hold your abs tight. Pulse yourself back up, and down and up and down for a total of 3 pulses and then jump into the air as high as you can. This is one rep. Complete as many reps as you can during the 50 second interval.

    WALL SIT: Place your back against a wall, bend your knees and keep your abs tight. Hold this squatting position for the entire 50 second interval.


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