14 Inventive Uses You Never Thought Of For Ziplock Bags

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  • 1. Throw a wet sponge in a bag to create reusable ice packs.

  • 2. Freeze pancake batter in a bag and cut off a tip for easy pouring.

  • 3. Fill a bag with pennies, water, lime juice and salt to keep flies away.

  • 4. Keep documents dry and uncreased.

  • 5. Section out ground beef before throwing it in the freezer to make it easier to use.

  • 6. When fishing, keep hooks safe by storing them in ziplock bags when in transit.

  • 7. Put a washcloth and some cold water in a bag and keep it in a cooler to stay cool on hot days.

  • 8. If you're going to be in the rain, keep your phone in a plastic bag to keep from damaging it.

  • 9. Put together these bags of essentials just in case.

  • 10, Make homemade ice cream

    Recipe in my next tip ;)

  • 11. Use a ziplock bag to create your own "grown-up Capri Sun"

  • 12. Keep all your cords organized in separate baggies to cut down on clutter.

  • 14. If you're going on a trip (especially camping) put your clothes for each day in a ziplock bag


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