12 Cool Life Hacks!✌

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  • In these pages you'll learn useful life hacks enjoy.✌👌

  • {1.}When cutting onions chew some gum it will stop you from tearing up.

    {2.}If your getting scared/nervous chew any kind of gum.

    {3.}rub a banana over a bruise (10-35mins) to remove color.

    {4.}use a fork to hold oreos so they don't fall into your milk.

  • {5.}Put your make up on when your about to go to sleep,then in the morning you don't have to do much,just fix up a few things.It saves a lot of time!

    {6.}If you can't go to sleep write down what's keeping you awake.

    {7.}Organize your computer cords by putting certain colored tape around each one then label which is which,or just color code them.

    {8.}If your bored redecorate your room and organize it,clean it do whatever you want to do with your room

  • {9.}Easy fast dessert

    -whip cream/cool whip✔
    -cutting board✔

    First cut the green stuff off your strawberries then just add some whip on top! Simple.💯

    {10.}feeling sad or down? Watch something funny to cheer you up.

    {11.}Rub some Chapstick over a paper cut to help the pain.

    {12.}Cut the top off of a cupcake then put facing down now you have a creamy delight.

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