11 Ways to Make Your Eyelashes Grow Naturally by 11 Ways to Make Your Eyelashes Grow Naturally1. Massage eyelids All women know that eyelashes not only fall out but also break and become fragile if we look after them in a wrong way. That’s why massaging your eyelids will stimulate your hair follicles and help your lashes grow faster!2. Diet It’s a fact that dieting can damage your eyelashes. When you are constantly dieting and eating unhealthy meal, your lashes are not as beautiful as they should be. Change the diet, eat more fruits and vegetables and see the result!3. Take biotin Biotin is the nail, skin and hair vitamin (a B vitamin), which will help your hair grow quicker! My eyelashes became extremely long in three months by taking biotin daily. Just make sure that it’s an allergen friendly supplement.4. Try lash accelerator Have you ever heard of lash accelerator mascara? If you buy this mascara, you will do a great job because your eyelashes will become thicker and longer in a few days. This is one of the easiest ways to make your eyelashes grow naturally.5. Don’t pull While washing the makeup off, don’t pull at the lashes. A mascara should come off easily in order not to damage your eyelashes. Your lashes will stop to grow and it will be impossible to make them grow again if pulling! Always use a small amount of makeup remover for better result.6. Brush eyelashes Do you find it strange? You can brush your lashes with little combs before using mascara, and by doing this, your eyelashes will grow a bit longer. Try and see. I like this idea and it’s very simple.7. Lengthening mascara You can always buy a lengthening mascara, if you can not make your lashes grow naturally. Sure, it’s not the best way but still sometimes it really helps, especially when you need long lashes immediately.8. Focus on protein Do you know that a healthy dieting won’t make your lashes grow? When you don’t get enough protein, eating fruits and vegetables won’t help. Too much protein is also bad, but you need it for making your lashes and hair grow. Try to eat more proteins rather than red meat9. Use vaseline Don’t spend your cash on anything that can darken your eyes, try this simple and fast option. Apply a bit of vaseline on your eyelid when going to bed, and see how quickly your lashes will grow! Using vaseline won’t help at once, but believe me you will be pleasantly surprised10. Vitamin E Never give up and don’t use just a lengthening mascara. Try out Vitamin E lotion. Vitamin E lotion is a wonderful way to make your lashes longer, healthier and thicker.11. Olive oil This way is my favorite and I often use it to make my lashes grow. It really helps! Applying a small amount of olive oil on your lids before going to sleep will make your lashes soak up in the minerals and vitamins of the olive oil!