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101 Creative Ways To Come Out Of The Closet

posted in Family & Kids
  • 101. Record your voice saying “I’m gay” in a build-a-bear and give it as a gift to your parents.
    100. Knock knock joke. For example, you= “Knock knock”, parents= who’s there? You= It’s me your son/daughter, parents= it’s me your son/daughter who, you= “is gay”.
    99. Write a song about being gay and perform it for your parents.
    98. Write a poem.
    97. Take pictures of you and your significant other kissing and leave them around places you know they will find them.
    96. Get a rainbow tattooed somewhere on your body.

  • 95. Act the stereotypical gay way, and have them assume you’re gay without having to actually “come out”.
    94. Play a game of scrabble and save the letters until you can spell “I am gay”.
    93. Tell your parents when the vacuum is on.
    92. Bake a cake and in icing write “I’m gay” on it.
    91. Play any board game and include a card that says your name and “is gay” and be sure that they choose it.
    90. Knit a rainbow scarf for your parents.
    89. Throw a party where the theme is “gayness”.
    88. Label the food/beer in your parent’s house with the word “gay”. For example, gay mustard.

  • 87. If you’re male cook your parents extremely phallic looking foods, and if you’re female cook extremely vaggie looking foods and continue to comment how much you like their shape and taste.
    86. Make a simple sign.
    85. At your friend’s wedding make a toast and briefly mention how it’s currently illegal for you to wed.
    84. Create a cheer. For example: yell “I- M- G- A- Y, I ain’t got to alibi, i’m gay yeah yeah i’m gay”!
    83. Express your gayness with fruit. Sit your parents down and place two plates of fruit in front of them. One with a banana and two apples to resemble a penis. And on the oth

  • 82. Wear the rainbow flag as a skirt.
    81. Draw a picture.
    80. Write a blog and have them read it.
    79. Have your siblings tell them.
    78. Tell them over the phone.
    77. Tell them in a text (if they are that technologically advanced)
    76. Write them an email.
    75. JUMBOTRON. Take them to a sports game & on the jumbo-tron have other audience members hold up the letters to spell out “i’m gay”.

  • 74. Come out to everyone around them and hope some one else accidentally spills the beans.
    73. Climb a mountain with them and shout it from the mountain tops.
    72. Constantly talk about how “hot” or “cute” celebrities of the same sex.
    71. Write a rap song and perform it.
    70. Non-chalantly bring it up over dinner. Right after you say it ask for the butter.

  • 69. Dress as stereotypical gay characters for halloween. Or go as skittles, with the slogan “taste the rainbow”, or the lucky charms guy with an attached rainbow.
    68. Spray paint “I’m gay” on a t-shirt.
    67. Talk about how much you admire gay celebrities (Ellen Degeneres or Elton John for Instance).
    66. Have all the posters on your wall be of same sex people/celebrities.
    65. Put together a scanvenger hunt, where the clues are all gay related and lead to you expressing your feelings.

  • 64. Bring them to a family counseling center and reveal it there.
    63. Write it in chalk on the driveway.
    62. Have all gay friends. Maybe they’ll infer your sexuality.
    61. Take them to the beach and have one of the plane things pull a “I’m Gay” sign across the sky.
    60. Take them to the park and a jet write “I’m gay” in clouds.
    59. Tell them while you’re flying (in a plane).

  • 58. Inform them on a boat.
    57. Go to the store and separate from your parents. Then go up to the front desk supervisor and ask them to page them. Give your first name and say your last name is “Esgayy”. Therefore, it would go a little something like this: “Will customer Mary Hart please come to the front of the store you daughter “Sarah ESGAY” is waiting for you”. Hopefully they notice.
    56. Take your parents to movies with gay-themes such as “MILK” or “RENT” and express extreme emotion, interest, etc.

  • 55. Use phrases such as “I’m not like others”, or “I don’t believe in the traditional family”.
    54. Bring your parents to a PFLAG meeting or the LGBT club at your school.
    53. Show them a “Happy coming out day” card your friend gave to you.
    52. Write a short message in their birthday/Easter/Mother’s day/Father’s day card.

  • 51. Shave “I’m gay” in your head.
    50. Take them to a gay pride festival.
    49. Play charades and have them guess.
    48. Learn the phrase, “I’m gay” in other languages and say it in the other languages until you feel comfortable saying it in your native tongue.
    47. Bust out all your cutest baby photos and reveal it after they’ve gotten all mushy-gushy.
    46. Write it in sand.
    45. Bear hug them and let the feelings pour out.

  • 44. Play hangman. When it’s your turn make the phrase they have to guess be “I’m gay”.
    43. Tell them during hard times (funeral)
    42. Tell them during happy times (job promotion)
    41. If you celebrate Easter, during the easter egg hunt, have them find an egg that has a note in it.
    40. Tell them while in a foreign country.
    39. Write it on their calendar. For example, in the March 14th box write “Amy’s coming out day”.
    38. Tell them on a train.

  • 37. When you are on your way out, mention that the place your going is a gay club that you frequently visit.
    36. Play the “what if” game. Start off by asking, “what if you could save 1 family member or 10,000 strangers”. Then proceed to “what if your daughter/son” was gay.
    35. Invite your girlfriend/boyfriend over to tell them.
    34. Write “I’m gay” backwards on a piece of paper and have your parents look at a mirror while holding it.
    33. Leave them a voice mail message.
    32. Tell them your three favorite alphabet letters are G A & Y.
    31. Bring them to a fancy restaurant.
    30. Use sign language.

  • 29. Make a youtube video.
    28. Do a puppet show.
    27. Put on a play.
    26. Do it while you’re drunk (you may be less nervous).
    25. Over coffee at Starbucks.
    24. While taking a walk.
    23. While bike riding.
    22. Put the “I’m gay” message in an empty bottle and put it in their bathtub.
    21. Buy them a “Proud parent of a gay son/daughter” magnet and put it on their fridge.

  • 20. At church (some one I know did this…not sure I really recommend it).
    19. While grocery shopping.
    18. While swimming
    17. While at the gym
    16. Write a letter to the Oprah show, maybe Oprah could announce it for you (But hurry, 2011 is coming up soon and she’ll be retired :-( ).
    15. Announce your favorite marine mammal to be a dolphin. State the reason being “dolphins sometimes engage in homosexual activity”.
    14. On any special holiday.
    13. On a picnic.

  • 12. At the park.
    11. Complain to your parents about LGBT issues. (from the deprivation of basic civil rights to the lack of proper representation in the media, etc.).
    10. Have your parents read wonderful websites such as AfterEllen or AfterElton before telling them.
    9. Practice coming out: by coming out to strangers first.

  • 8. Practice coming out: by coming out to other relatives first.
    7. Cry hysterically until they feel bad for you and ask you whats wrong
    6. While driving.
    5. Drive somewhere with them, pull over the car and speak up.
    4. Just sit them down and spill it.
    3. Anywhere.
    2. Anytime.
    1. By any means possible.

  • Gay/Lesbian- Sexually Attracted to the same gender

    Bisexual- Sexually Attracted to Males and Females

    Pansexual- Sexually Attracted to all genders

    Transgender- A different gender then the one you where born as

    Asexual- not sexually attracted to anybody

    Gender fuild-you can be a male one day and a female the next, you don't give a damn about gender roles

  • Leave a like and comment what your sexuality is💘👌✌️😉😊


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