10 uses for Vaseline every girl should know by 10 uses for Vaseline every girl should know before u go to bed, put Vaseline on ur eyelashes. and the next morning ur eye lids will be oily. just wipe it off with a paper towel. just do this every night and it will become longer! if u have chapped lips. put vaseline on ur lips. or u can make ur own lip balm with vaseline! if u want to prevent spilt ends and frizz put vaseline onbefore u put perfume on, put Vaseline on ur pulse itkeeps the perfume sent last longer before polishing ur nails, put vaseline on ur cuticles to keep polish off the skin and also around ur nails. turn ur favorite loose pigments into eyeshadow or blush by mixing them with vaseline, instead of spending alot of money on eye makeup remover, u can use vaseline! it removes eyeliner, mascara and eye shadow if ur nail polish bottles are really hard to open, put vaseline on the sides of the nail polish bottle and it easily glides open! put some vaseline along ur hairline before u color ur hairjust apply vaseline on the sunburn area, it will help lock in the moisture and also ur dried out skin also prevent peeling! i just started this app and i really need more followers­čśČplease save, like and follow me! thanks­čĹŹ