10 Ways To Make Your Boyfriend Smile 👫🎈 by 10 Ways To Make Your Boyfriend Smile 👫🎈❥ cuddles! with cuddles everyone wins. it's so warm. - ❥ get him a little gift he might appreciate. it doesn't have to be big or for any special occasion but he'll love you just for doing it! - ❥ make a scrapbook of the two of you and give it to him. - ❥ make a list of as many reasons as you can think of why you love him. make sure what you say is true. if he doesn't have ripped abs don't say "i love your six pack." - ❥ lend him a book that you love! make sure it's something that will interest him too!❥ if you always choose what you guys do, let him choose! - ❥ if he always chooses what you do, YOU choose!!! - ❥ paint your nails in his favourite colour! - ❥ if he buys you something use it next time you see him. - ❥ if he gives you a sweater, give him a scrunchie!❥ thanks for checking this out! - ❥ like when you save! it's just a little extra tap and it means so much to me! - ❥ follow for more one of a kind tips by a real teenage girl ∆∇∆