10 Simple Ways To Improve Your Life: Part One. by Alexandra Szabo - Musely
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10 Simple Ways To Improve Your Life: Part One.

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  • Everyone has one life so live it. Here are some ways to change it for the better. I'm not saying that you need to give up what you enjoy, I'm just saying here are some ways to add to your loige without giving up much time.

  • #1
  • Okay, so first off, I promise this will be short, start right now by accepting yourself. Look back on all the amazing things you've accomplished, and don't you even think about telling me that you've done nothing with your life. Have you gotten your drivers license? Boom accomplishment. Have you made someone else feel good abou themselves? Boom there's another one. Have you ever managed to procrastinate and start a huge project the night before and get a good grade? Congrats! If you have thats one more. All of these are accomplishments. Make a list of yours and put them where you can see them.

  • #2
  • Okay, I know the picture says a new you in one month, but how about over the course of a year? I challenge you to pick a new 30 day challenge whether it be fitness, breaking a bad habit, journaling, or even health, every month and do it. If you feel like it has improved you, keep with it and most importantly, stick with the challenge. 

  • If you find that to be a challenge, then start small like reading one chapter of a book every night before bed after you've set down phone. After you've read a chapter, don't think about laying a finger on that phone and go to bed. 

  • #3
  • Number three. Increase your intelligence by doing a little as three things:
         1. Download Quora. Quora is a. Great app to learn about literally anything. I mean anything. People tell great stories, ask amazing questions you can answer, and even write about incredible topics. Next time you have a question, or are in need of some advice, this community will do its very best to help. 
         2. Download Tertris. Tetris has been proven to improve intelligence, and it's really fun to play!
         3. Listen to at least one TedTalk a week. Instead of music, listen to one in the car. Bored? Pull one up. 

  • I hope these have helped, and I will try my best to get parts two and three up soon! Stay strong and stay you!  Remember, even if you have a twin, there is only one you so make sure the world remembers your name for the better. Start small, and start today. More about how to become a better you and help the world in Part Two. Stay tuned! 


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