10 SPONTANEOUS WAYS TO TURN HIM ON! by 💀Chloé Anderson🌹 - Musely
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posted in Relationships
  • So you've done it all, but it hasn't been enough to keep the heat on between you and your partner. While most of us resort to vanilla sex after a tiring day at work, it is always much more fun to go spontaneous. How about going impromptu with your actions in the bedroom? Let spontaneity take over your sex life this weekend. Still wondering how? Make use of our tips, obviously! ;-)

  • Surprise him at the door: When was the last time you allowed your partner to watch you undress? Spice up the equation by reaching home early, so that you can prepare yourself to see him get turned on. Wait for him next to the door, stark naked and take him by surprise.

  • Text him a list: The next time you feel bored waiting for a client call, send your man a text about what you want in bed. Use your imagination to come up with an exhaustive list of things that turn you on late at night. He will be pleased to receive your SMS ;-)

  • Ask him to chase you: Pretend that you've never met, and this was the chance encounter you were waiting for for the longest time. Watch him chase you while you give him the obvious reaction that you don't want him to stop. The mystery will surely bring him to your knees!

  • Perform a striptease: Always felt shy to do a striptease in front of your man? Give him the time of his life by flaunting your perfect body in sexy lingerie by doing a private striptease. What's more? Ask him not to touch you till he begs for it!

  • Get sweaty: Exercise or go swimming before you indulge in some sexy foreplay with your partner. Even a hot shower is good for you if you want to feel energised and take him by surprise in the bedroom. Don't forget to wear a sensuous perfume before you hop on!

  • Blindfold him: Turn on the heat by watching him hunt you down with a blindfold. And what better way to make him wait till he wants you desperately! Don't restrict the fun to your bedroom as you are free to explore the corners of every room including the kitchen floor.

  • Touch his spots: Knowing a man and his most intimate spots can take some time. Touch him where he loves it the most - lower abs, ears, back of the knee to name a few. Gently stroke his sensitive parts and watch him get turned on by your sensuous touch.

  • Do the dirty talk: So you have been a coy wife since the time you got married. Time for a role reversal as doing the dirty talk is no more a man's job. Surprise your guy by talking dirty between the sheets; the spontaneous talk will surely make him want more.

  • Take naked pictures: Clicking yourself naked in front of your partner can be an extreme turn on for both of you. Use your cellphone to capture yourselves in the act, while he gets turned on by your steamy intentions. But make sure you delete the photos later.

  • Surprise him in the shower: Men can be extremely adventurous when it comes to sex. Look for a chance to indulge in some lovemaking - it can be early morning or even in the shower! Leave your clothes behind, and enter the shower to take him by surprise. It cannot get any more spontaneous, don't you think?

  • hope you found this helpful! pls don't forget to: 👍;especially if you 💾! 😁 👉follow 👌share by liking/saving/following/sharing I know that the tips I'm posting are helpful & I should keep posting the same type of tips! thanks, ladies&gents! ❌⭕️❌⭕️chloe


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