10 Must Read Books On iBooks

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  • Teen/Young Adult Book Heaven

    Broken Silence

    1 girl who never talks, a broken family that no one knows is broken, 1 secret, and 1 man who dead set on being the man of the girl's dream.

    Significance: A Significance Series Novel

    One day when Maggie saves the life of a handsome stranger, she never thought that the impossible would happen and she would find her soulmate. Little does she know that there are many people who are dying to come between them.

    The Grey Wolves Series Starter Bundle

    I can't even begin to start explaining this series. Just get it and you'll never regret it.

    Affinity: The Soul Keeper (The Soul Series Book 1)

    Same goes for this book, just get the book and you won't regret the awesomeness.

    Becoming (Daughters of Saraqael Book One)

    We all know that this is supposed to be short so I'll just give u what happens in JUST the beginning of the story. These 3 triplets were separated at birth, supernatural, not supposed to exist, and thrust into a world of wings, powers, evil, and some serious hot guys. What could be better right?!

    Jordyn (The Daemon Hunter Novel Book 1)

    Who doesn't love a good fantasy heroine book where the main character (that's a girl!) can kick some major butt?

    Love is Darkness: A Valerie Dearborn Novel

    Romance, drama, action, and a very good love triangle.

    Dark Promise: Between Worlds (Volume 1)

    Anybody who loves fairies and a good mystery get this book now.

    Witch's Bell Book One

    This is for the people who love a good mystery, romance, and some witchy fantasy.

    Coexist (Keegan's Chronicles Series Book 1)

    This is about an elf's journey to find herself and her romantic life with her soulmate who she can't even meet until she turns 18. It's against the rules of her people but will she break them for the sake of love and safety?
  • Yeah yeah so I'm a little obsessed with romance and fantasy. Sue me 😊😘


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