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10 Do's & Dont's of liking a guy

posted in Relationships
  • 1) don't be too clingy. I know this maybe be cliché but it's true, a boy doesn't like it when a girl tried to talk to him 24/7

  • 2) do befriend his friends. Sometimes it's easier for a guy to date a girl that his friends accept as a friend or they are more comfortable with the girl hanging around.

  • 3) don't try to act stupid. If you try to act stupid, chances are he'll think you're stupid. Stupidity does NOT equal cuteness. if you want to show him that you're cute try to show him what you know.

  • 4) do ask to work together on class projects. It's okay to chose him over friends sometimes. He could see how smart you are and want to be partners again.

  • 5) don't whine about his poor actions to your friends. From experience, it actually annoys the friends. They get tired of hearing about how you're too scared to act on it. They get tired of listening to "what if…" and they just have to repeat it over and over.

  • 6) do share the cute moments. If you have a cute moments through text or face-to-face communication, it's okay to share it with a few friends. I aM NOT saying to post your conversation on Facebook, Instagram or twitter but I feel as if send your guys "goodnight texts" to a few really close friends is alright. also don't send the too often. repeat over & over.

  • 7) don't be pushy. If he hasn't replied in five minutes or even two hours that's okay, don't constantly spam his phone urging for a reply. Something could've came up like a sports game or unplanned plans.

  • 8) do try to make plans. it's okay to plan a group movie date or sometime to just hangout. Grab some of your friends, ask him to bring a few of his and see what happens.

  • 9) don't get upset over little things. If he posts on Instagram of him & a girl don't freak out, for all you know it could be his relative. chances are it's not a girlfriend unless you've heard that from his friends.

  • 10) do remember to be yourself. How would you feel if a boy started liking you because you acted like your best friend or the most popular girl in school? Eventually you wouldn't be yourself or you'd get tired of this act. And then he wouldn't like you because "you've changed."

    ITS OKAY TO MAKE THE FIRST MOVE. if you feel like you're not making any progress and it's necessary for you to make the move. do it. nobody is stopping you. don't have weigh on your shoulder. act on it and see the outcome.

  • Okay so those are my 10 Do's & Dont's of liking a guy. These are mostly from experience or knowledge of what usually happens. I'm not an expert on these type of things but here are some simple easy tasks.


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