10 Beauty Tips You Should Always Follow by Northern Perra πŸ’Ž - Musely
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10 Beauty Tips You Should Always Follow

posted in Beauty
  • 1 - Your diet

    This one is a big one. To gain all of that inner beauty which everyone has you need to ensure you are eating the right diet. You should aim to eat lots of fruit, vegetables, grains and proteins because these can benefit your skin. Lay off fatty products and unfortunately sugar things like sweets and chocolate (that's the most difficult part).

  • 2 - Water

    Water is so important because it hydrates your body and your skin. It's recommended that we drink around 8 glasses of water per day to allow that extra boost which hydration provides.

  • 3 - Vitamins

    Although these aren't essential if you have the correct diet they are highly beneficial. We all have down points which could be improved and taking vitamins is one way to helps these things. There are so many different options to choose from so it's best you research which ones will benefit you most. Alternatively you could speak to a GP or dietician for more advice.

  • 4 - Exfoliating Your Face

    I love that fresh faced feeling I get after exfoliating and it is extremely good for your skin. By exfoliating a couple of times a week you can remove the dead skin cells at the surface of your skin which to reveal the younger, more alive cells. Exfoliating helps with reducing wrinkles, cleaning pores and smoothing your skin.

  • 5 - Exfoliating Your Lips

    It's not just your skin you should exfoliate, it's also your lips. Just like face exfoliation it removes the dead cells, which gives you smoother lips. I also think it makes your lips look plumper and more defined, especially when applying lipstick.

  • 6 - CTM

    What's CTM you might be asking? Cleanse, tone, moisturise. These three are an absolute must before applying makeup as they allow for the perfect base to begin your makeup on. There are so many different types of each of these products so you should find the best ones to suit your skin type.

  • 7 - Know How You Should Wear Your Makeup

    By this I mean you should know the difference between day time makeup and night time makeup. During the day it is best to go for a more toned down look, using nude, gold and pink shades to give a simple, elegant look. At night you should branch out. Use darker, more vivid colours to make yourself stand out, and don't be afraid to sport false eyelashes.

  • 8 - Have Fun With Makeup

    You should always enjoy your makeup style because it's personal to you. Although I just said you should separate day and night looks this might not be your thing. So when you wear makeup don't be afraid to do things differently, there are no set rules which you have to follow. Experiment with different colours, products or techniques because you may find something you adore.

  • 9 - Foundation

    If you're someone who wears foundation you know the struggle of finding one which suits your skin tone. When looking for a new foundation you should match the colour with your neck, not your cheek. This is because you want to avoid having that dreaded foundation line around your neck. There are also foundations to benefit different skin types so shop around for one which may suit you best.


    No matter what any ones says to you, you are beautiful. Never doubt that. Although some people may not see your true elegance and can guarantee you others will. If you are positive about yourself, other people will be too. Makeup doesn't makeup you beautiful, it just enhances the beauty which you already possess.

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