10 Beautiful Hair Tutorials To Release Your Inner Disney Princess 💅👑💖 by 10 Beautiful Hair Tutorials To Release Your Inner Disney Princess 💅👑💖1. Start with a low ponytail and be sure to leave a thick strand aside to make the French chignon effect. Roll the strand inward and secure it with bobby pins.2. Spray a little bit of dry shampoo and start by giving the bump a little boost with some frizz. Secure it with bobby pins in a half ponytail and divide the rest of the hair in two strands. Braid them and once you're done, pull each braid to the other side and tuck the ends underneath.3. Divide your hair in four sections and curl each one except the one at the nape of the neck. Make sure to pin up all your curls and let them cool for about 15 minutes. If you have long hair, braid the section you left loose and tuck it inward... (See next page)Once you let the curls free, roll the length of your hair under, adjusting it as short as you want. Secure with bobby pins.4. Start with a side ponytail and start braiding it in a fishtail. Every two or three centimeters tie it with a rubber band and start again. Jasmine would be proud of you.5. If you want to look like this badass heroine, start with a side French braid. If it is too hard for you, start practicing with a regular one and then just go sideways. Don't worry about making it perfect — you'll need to mess with it at the end to achieve that thick-braid effect Elsa has.6. To make pigtails way cooler, select two strands at the front and start braiding each one to the back. Cross them to the opposite side and braid the pigtails with the original braids, using them as one of the three strands. We definitely feel some magic going on in here.7. All you have to do is divide the hair in two sections. Make sure to secure the upper one with a bun while you braid the lower one. Let loose the upper strands, divide them in two and braid each one. Finally braid all three.8. If you have straight hair, give it a little texture with a curling iron before start. Secure your hair at the top of your head in a ponytail and make a fan effect with it (step 4). With the remaining hair of the ponytail, roll it around the bun and fix it with bobby pins. Tuck in remaining hairs.9. To make your ponytail extra long, just like hers, divide your hair in two sections and make two ponytails, one at the middle and one almost at the top of your head. If you want extra boost, place some bobby pins in your upper hair tie, just below your hair.10. All you need to do is grab your hair and roll it, making a spiral at the top of your head. Don't worry about perfection — the messier the better.