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10 Activities Parents can do with Their Kids

posted in Family & Kids
  • Ages 1-7:

    1. Picnics
    2. Movies
    3. Painting
    4. Dress Up
    5. Legos

  • Ages 8-12:

    1. Movie Night @ Home
    2. Model Rockets, Tanks, Planes. These are simple to do you can buy them off of many different cites. You get a set and build the little pieces..takes lots of patience and time but super fun at the can also paint it.
    3. Bowling
    4. Singing/Dancing
    5. Painting

  • Ages 12-16

    At this age kids don't want to do much. This is absolutely normal. They need their space. They want to listen to music and think and talk to their friends without their parents asking who they are talking to 24/7. Maybe you yell at them too much for something, who wants to be around someone who's just gonna make them feel bad? Exactly. When they ask to do stuff, let them. They only have so long before they are off to college and are gonna have kids of their own someday..

  • All Ages!

    1. Any type of baking or cooking is a good idea.
    2. Movie night
    3. Bowling
    4. Shopping for THEM.
    5. Let them have friends over. If not..the kids will grow away from their friends and they will end up not having many good friends.

  • I really hope this helped! These are just some obvious ones that kids want to do with their parents!! It really depends on what their hobbies are. Anything like playing sports in the backyard, sewing, baking, etc!


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