👫👬👭 Being A Great Friend. The Best Ways To Strengthen Your Friendship. 👫👬👭 by Madeira Marie - Musely
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👫👬👭 Being A Great Friend. The Best Ways To Strengthen Your Friendship. 👫👬👭

posted in Relationships > Friendship
  • Be There
    •Make sure you have time put aside to see them and talk.
    •Even a five minute call can make a huge difference.
    •People thrive on company.
    •Even the most reserved or loneliest person wants someone to talk to or hang out with.

  • Listen
    •One of the best things you can do is listen.
    •No matter how big the problem is your friendship will be much stronger if you just take the time to hear what they have to say.
    •They will open up to you if you show true interest in them.

  • Don't Lie
    •Be yourself.
    • No one likes a liar or a fibber.
    •You may feel that if you don't tell them some lie that they won't find you cool, but that's not the case.
    •If they find out you lied so you would fit in they will be disgusted and will ditch you.
    •If you are true to yourself and they don't appreciate who you are then they aren't really your friend.

  • Keep Secrets To Yourself
    •If they trust you enough to tell you don't blab to anyone else.
    •The only case in which you should tell anyone is if they are in danger.
    •The secrets they trust you with are personal, no matter how big or small.
    •If you tell someone and they find out they will never truly trust you again.
    •Build trust with your friend, don't tell their secrets, and your bond will be stronger than anything.

  • Defend Them
    •When someone bashes your friend do you stick up for them, even if they aren't there?
    •No? Well you should.
    •One of the best things you can do to strengthen a bond is to defend that person even in their absence.
    •That shows that you are a true friend & you care for them deeply.
    •When they aren't there you don't have to defend them, but choosing to do so will create such trust and respect that it's totally worth it.

  • Pick Them Up
    •When your friends are feeling down the best you can do is make them happy.
    •Tell cheesy jokes and make them smile.
    •Show up at their house with their favorite movies, favorite foods and candy, and just have a good time with them for a couple hours.
    •It'll show how much they matter to you and lift them up.

  • Compliments Are The Key
    •Don't bash on them.
    •If the shirt they're wearing doesn't look good tell them it's nice anyway.
    •Don't tell them they're ugly or fat or anything negative.
    •If you compliment things big or small they'll feel infinitely better about themselves.
    •Even saying they're hair looks nice will lift their spirits and make them want you around more.
    •Friendship means making each other feel good, not tearing them down.

  • Keep Your Plans!!
    •Don't you hate it when plans get canceled?
    •So do your friends. So if you have made plans with someone keep them.
    •If you cancel then your friends will stop trusting you and drift away.
    •It really hurts their feelings too.
    •Don't promise to hangout if you know it won't work in the end.


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